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One day, I will propose a completely new life to you. A completely new system. It will be fully worked out, from the details about every scientific field it's involved in, to the way you could transition your life to my alternative.

Fully independently, I'll conduct my research project. It starts with finding The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning: all of our similarities and differences, compiled into one "algorithm". (The survey and its explanation, are turned into an informative science fiction story, called Nosce Te Ipsum 😙.) That will be used as a frame of reference, for the alternative system, which cannot exist without global consensus.

You could become a part of it, if you're interested! Do you want to throw your life around and independently work on a better global system? I'm looking for partners (with expertise) and subjects...

I need experts to validate and/or disapprove the technical and theoretical sides of my research. Your expertise is also very, very, veryyy welcome, when I put the end result into practice. Please send me a message to let me know that you're interested, when you are. And/or join my forum :).

For (potential) subjects: In my most recent book, Volta, I use my hypothesis of The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning, to create a method to change (your) life, if you want to. The first part of the book, is the 1.0 version of the method. I would love to know all about your reading experience! That's why I made this forum topic. (A more interactive and free method, compared to a survey! :) ) I hope you'll join my forum! To talk about other things, too :) .

All about the strategy I use to keep myself on the right track, and the state of my research project, can be read in my most recent article. Welcome to LilFangs.com

I love you


PS.: I just made a twitter account! Please follow me :D . My account name is @LilFangs_ :). I'll follow you back, when you tell me that you're you!
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