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September 2018

Random Thoughts

Old Notes

I came across some things I’ve written in the past: As you can see, “writing things out” is not new to me at all! When I was very young, I was already writing books. Unfortunately, the computers I’ve written them…

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Reputational Damage

If there weren’t a (globally¿) spread rumor about me, I would have been approached and believed positively different, by others. Starting this project would have been much easier, without this bias. Even people who I don’t know, (think they) “know”…

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Random Thoughts

Random question 2

Should the government have the right to force medication – such as antipsychotics or libido inhibitors – upon you? [I think not… What if you’re really not a case for that medicine, but they just really don’t listen to you…

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A dinner sketch

I can’t sleep… I have been “distancing myself from” meat as part of my diet for about three years now [with some unfrequent exceptions…]. Yesterday, however, while gazing over the menu card, I found (medium-rare) steak the most tasty option….

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Monday, September 17, 2018

09:55 (AM)  Good morning, My Cuddle <3 How was your night?  — Here’s my “breakfast smoothie”: In it, there are: raspberries, blueberries, some mango, red grapes, some bananas and water. (To add strawberries and some watermelon too would be nice.)…

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