My original strategy for making large-scale changes to the system, was very subtle. It was my intention to accomplish it independently, instead of doing it via the democratic system – because I don’t believe in it. For the change I want to make, which includes a more eco-friendly economic system, as well as a safe haven in case the Netherlands flood again, I want to buy an island and declare it an independent state, with its own constitution, its own currency and an alternative legal system. Throughout my writings, Planet Fang – which is what I want to name the island – and my plans for the construction of it and way of life on it, as well as the recruitment for it, have been mentioned very often already. My original strategy was to fund the purchase of the island and guide the recruitment for the island, with sales from the Nosce Te Ipsum book series, which include an indirect personality test. This year has taught me that, to receive active engagement, I will have to simplify my content and use different media, and for that, I need initial funds that go beyond what I currently own.

Attempting to earn enough to buy an island, without any investors and without having a mass media campaign with imagery [also without years of working experience and without a zillion PhD’s], to inform the masses about the ins and outs of my endeavor, has been a very exhausting and time consuming occupation. Whatever happens, next year, my strategy to accomplish the same endeavor, will be different. It should be less exhausting. It should include togetherness from the start, which was what I was trying to accomplish with the project I intended to guide with my books, which is explained throughout my books.

In my diary post of December 23, at some point, I got the idea to attempt to accomplish my endeavor via the Dutch democratic system. Since I want a lot of people to live on my island [but not too many. What I would define as “too many” depends the size of the island I can buy. If my audience becomes that large that the island doesn’t have enough space to live, I would like to buy compounds in other countries, if that’s possible], and my economic system includes the provision of a Fangyist’s basic needs by the Planet Fang government – including a self-designed house, depending on the initial funds and contribution – it would actually be quite fair and more healthy for me to not have to pay for everyone’s future living, and seek another way to accomplish the same thing, in a way that is also less time consuming and more collective.

I’m a Dutch citizen (born and raised in Rotterdam), and the Dutch democratic system is very accessible – when you have the initial funds to enter. It would give me the stage I need to raise awareness on my endeavor, it would give me a salary and I could get in touch with the public more easily. But simultaneously, it takes away my independence and it could maybe lead to all of the public claiming a spot on my island. I would love to save everyone, but the amount of space on my island is limited. Also, the official next elections are in 2021, and that is way too far away from now. With the current crazy amounts of pollution’s emission into our environment, day in day out, the risk of this country flooding might be closer than it seems. This is not what I want to raise awareness on, because it can only lead to chaos [another uncontrolled mass migration, and to Dutch citizens, the European borders are all open], and every citizen of this country has been made aware of this since “de basisschool”, so the topic is not new to them for sure. (Being consumed by life’s routine could make someone not think about it often, but it is in there somewhere, in the minds of everyone.)

To those who can help me build a new and better world, I want to offer shelter and a new life. The meaningless routine we drag ourselves through, will be obsolete, one day. My project leaves a lot of room for new pioneers to step forward. Real pioneers.

I will start a multi-component fundraiser on this website, to start a campaign to raise awareness on my endeavor and start the recruitment for it [with the contents of my thesis, but then in a form that is ready for mass media], to purchase the island, to buy out the Graeynissis I need the expertise from, needed to finalize my strategy, to give myself a life in which I’ll be able to fully focus on my project without being disturbed by nonsense, and the list goes on. I hope that by this time next year, I will at least not be alone in this anymore.

Meanwhile, the reform has been reformed. Read all about it, by clicking here.