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24 Keys 24 Hours is in (online) stores now!

It consists of 12 pieces. “Tracks” sounds too corny. Especially because it is not created to dance to. Also not to cry to or to be gangster to. An aphrodisiac it is also absolutely not. It is a little delicacy – incomparable – that shows you a hint of my musical mind. The total 24 Keys 24 Hours, 24K24H (two four kay two four aitch (further touf kay touf aitch)) in de volksmond, has been produced in (far) less than 24 hours. (And my MIDI keyboard has 2 octaves of keys, so…)

Revenge of the Nerds

The first 10 pieces I produced when I was on a holiday in Suriname, in May 2018, after I just bought my little MIDI keyboard in Paris. I was starting to learn how it worked and figured “Why not put something online?” Hoping that it would help me gain attention for my case. (I was heavily stuck in psychiatric surveillance then.) Right before we went to Sipaliwini for a few days, the pieces were online in stores the way they are online now, under the name Nosce T’Ipsum 1: Revenge of the Nerds. [Click here to see the text drafts I made for this. As you can see, they’re all made on May 4th (Bevrijdingsdag). (Opens in new tab).] The instrumentals were not included. When I decided to look for a job after coming back from the United States, I took the album offline to make sure that it wouldn’t negatively influence my application process.

Now I’m putting it back online because I shouldn’t be ashamed of this – it’s not that bad (though I could still, especially now, do much better) – and, in retrospect, it wouldn’t have influenced my application process.

I’d really like to point out that I sing better now…

And Two Pieces

The other two pieces, Sample (demo) and 24 Keys 24 Hours (improvisation), I created later. Sample (demo) I made when I was staying in Amsterdam. [Click here to see the post from when I made it and uploaded it to my blog. (Opens in new tab.)]

24 Keys 24 Hours (improvisation) was originally called A Sketch and was made around July 21st 2018, when I was home alone. I often spent a lot of time improvising when home alone. It is another piece recorded with my phone. Funny thing about that improvisation is that most of the time I’m struggling, in search of a chord that could bring me back to my original theme. (Haha someone please be my jazz piano teacher? I just need some chords. 🙁 )

I just discovered an improvisation, made on October 15th, 2018, in which I stick to my theme much better. (It is the theme for the urban symphony I wish to officially compose and perform ever.) I will be uploading that to stores as a single right away. 🙂

The Piecelist

Anyway, here is the “piecelist”:

  1. Free Will (Intro) [02:28]
  2. Free Will (Intro) – Instrumental [02:28]
  3. An Overture [02:41]
  4. An Overture – Instrumental [02:41]
  5. Nerdy Smooth [02:30]
  6. Nerdy Smooth – Instrumental [02:30]
  7. Mad Fangs [02:12]
  8. Mad Fangs – Instrumental [02:12]
  9. Bonus Rebel [02:28]
  10. Bonus Rebel – Instrumental [02:00]
  11. Sample – Demo [01:42]
  12. 24 Keys 24 Hours (Improvisation) [40:43]

Store links (ordered by publication date, earliest first):

[I overlooked some e-mails, in regard to a previous announcement.]

I also recommend you to view my playlists on Spotify (opens in new tab). 🙂

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