17:53 (05:53 PM)

This is Post Number 500

Good pre-evening, my dear reader ♥

When I started this blog, I did not expect to reach 500 posts that fast. But yay, another milestone and here I am by myself eating chips behind my laptop. This is my second time this year buying chips.

There are over 159000 words on this blog, written in about a year. All written with the intention of explaining my idea for a revolution to you – a plan so large that I still have quite some things to lecture you on yay 😀 – and using my survival instinct to create some future stability for myself. I’m so glad that we’re on the right track now and always have been on the right track 🙂 .

Meoww my Graeyniss. When I, yesterday, heard that even (Dutch) politics is going to initiate its holiday – while the threats in this world never sleep – that made me realize: since I started this blog, I’ve been telling you [summarized]: “Pleaseeeee just do this thing where someone of a high status goes into proletaria [a crowded 9-to-5 workers neighborhood like mine] with a lot of security people around him/her, come to my house and let us make a recording of you saying that you like my work and then we could start making plans together and make your ideas and ideals part of the D.O.C.I.S. [= the one and only future]!”

I couldn’t think of a truly suitable moment for it – and I just want to get a chance to build a serious status for myself and move the fuck out of my parents’ house – so I’ve been saying that all-year-round. But now I realize that the Summer is the very best moment for it 🙂 . Sorry for not realizing that earlier. Because the structure of my schedule has basically been the same since 2017, I have no sense of holidays and other social obligations.

But it would be sooo awesome if we could chill together at least all Summer, my Graeyniss. 😻 Most people find the words of intelligent people tiring to process, so they’ll want a break from us, but we can’t stop being us, constantly thinking of the way the world is and how to shape this in our way, so we better give those demons a permanent break and form a Summer Alliance or something 😀 .

Of course chilling together in the Egmond Summer crib is not that realistic. But I would really appreciate it if you’d want to hang out with me, because I would so love to throw around my entire Summer schedule for you. 😻

In almost every post of mine, I attempt to evoke my readers. It hasn’t been working out yet, which makes me feel a bit like I’m putting in a lot of effort and get nothing for it in return (which unfortunately is very true, all I see is some statistics, but they’re not even money statistics), but I won’t stop trying until I succeed. Chameleon style, I try it in a different way every time.

I hope you’ll be my wild Graeyniss and give me a reason to pack my bags to come live with you tomorrow, being my +1 Catje at my father’s 50th birthday. The house is already decorated with garlands (? “slingers) and stuff haha how cute. I often feel much older than my parents or something.

Meowss I’ll be figuring out what to eat, now that my parents are outdoors to celebrate the end of their work week. After that, I’ll be working on FangCatje.

Before I go to sleep, I’ll be here to share my pre-bed thoughts with you. (If I didn’t pass out from hunger by then haha I don’t want to eat proletarian food anymore but I have no other choice but what to cook now. 😩 ) See you later xxx