I can’t sleep… I have been “distancing myself from” meat as part of my diet for about three years now [with some unfrequent exceptions…]. Yesterday, however, while gazing over the menu card, I found (medium-rare) steak the most tasty option. I will for sure be able to distance myself from white meat forever. But red meat, daarentegen… Meowww… I’m basically dreaming about the taste of some more steak (but then self-made¿) while awake, right now… I’m so hungry, but there’s no room service or nightshop close to the area I’m in right now… [And where to buy sappige midnight steak in the middle of the night¿]

Every Saturday and Monday are my “official” cooking days. “Today” [it’s 01:29 am as I’m writing this]… I crave for more deliciousness… My mouth is already watering from the thought of what I’ll be making…

I’ll be making:

  1. Steak with (semi-)self-made butter
  2. Supplí
  3. A salad

[And a small pot with gestoofd vlees to make steak and cheese sandwiches with the next day…]

  1. Cuddle Steak

You‘ll need [a translator [me¿ :D] (app) for my quick recipe drafts, maybe, because I know most foods in Dutch or Sranan Tongo] the following ingredients:

  • Juicy steak (iets pezigs… Er zijn zo veel verschillende soorten! Please experiment along with me 😀. The things I prepare are always “off the top”.)
  • Thyme
  • Nutmeg
  • Roomboter
  • Citroen
  • Kruizemunt
  • Knoflook

2. Supplí (Cuddle Me¿)

  • “Risotto rijst” (of basmati…?)
  • Witte wijn
  • Parmesan
  • Rode pesto
  • Uien
  • Mozzarella
  • Paneermeel
  • Een ei (of meer? Afhangende van hoeveel je wil maken…)
  • (Patent¿)bloem [geen tarwebloem uit de supermarkt, for the best taste experience in dit geval… (Of altijd…?)]
  • Am I forgetting something¿

3. Perfect Match Fusion Salad

  • Veldsla
  • Tayer
  • Wortelen
  • Tomaten
  • Soyabonen
  • Sesamzaadjes
  • Soyasaus
  • Olive oil
  • (Honey + goat cheese? Or will that be too cheesy…?)
  • Nog iets¿

4. Lake & cheese

  • Laurierblaadjes
  • Tomaten
  • Pimentkorrels
  • Groentenbouillon
  • Uien
  • Nutmeg
  • Cheese suitable for a thick melted layer, on the stewed meat, on the sandwich…
  • “Surinaamse broodjes”

Haha stay tuned :D. I’ll be making this later. I wish I were cooking this for my Cuddles…

15:12 (03:12 PM) 

Some of the groceries are for Monday’s dinner, some groceries from the list are missing, because they were already “present in the house”.

Shout out to a Cuddle from Amsterdam, who I’ve known since day 1, for coming along with me when grocery shopping 😀

20:01 (08:01 PM)


I’d like to use Kobe thenext time I make thiss


I haven’t used goat cheese, but I did use honey in my dressing. (Olive oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds and honey. Balsamic vinegar might go nice with it…)

If you have a “frituurpan”, it’s better to put the supplí in there. (For a more even color and better melted “inside mozzarella”.)

My Cuddle 😀

I hope you’re experimenting with my recipe drafts… They resemble taste pallettes. I like to creatively challenge you. In this case, by giving you only the basic ingredients, and a picture of the final result…

It turned out my father and sister u n f o r t u na te ly had other dinner plans… I have so many left-overs now “hahaha”…

So I’ll be making the stew tomorrow or monday¿

15:10 (03:10 PM)

Here it is 😀