I don’t want you to miss out on pieces of writing that you might enjoy. The titles of my diary posts don’t reveal its content. There’s an extensive range of types of content in (almost) every day, but the excerpt of its first 40 words does not reveal that at all!!

The focus was on the moment the text is written, instead of on what the text is about. A lot of passages of my diary could have been published as separate articles. It’s cool that I now have a written memory of part of my real-life experience, to reflect on, when I’m old, grey and successful. But after this impulsive realization, and the thoughts that went out to those who keep up with my blog, I quit adding new posts to the already high stack of diary posts immediately. So, from now on – especially because there’s quite a lot to read here – things on here will be categorized differently.

Instead of sharing real-time thoughts with you, I want to share more theoretical details of the process of establishing D.O.C.I.S. International (what is visible on its website is not the full business concept), far more open to different inputs. We’re starting off with The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, by John Maynard Keynes 🙂 .

Writing a post about my interpretation of the theories of Keynes doesn’t go as fast as writing a diary post. That’s why it seems like I’m falling silent, while in actuality, we’ll be scrutinizing the economists words (e.a.) and I’ll translate it to what I want to do with D.O.C.I.S. International. I’m using “old school” theories, published decades ago, to base my theories on, because, even though the doctrines might be replaced by something more modern, they’ve still played a huge role in shaping this world. The posts that are coming up next will show how it all sticks together (literally and figuratively)! 🙂

In short, the way I’ll tackle things is by separating posts about theories, strategies and feelings, instead of putting them all in one diary post. The theoretical posts (or its spin-offs about my philosophy) will be released at least once a week. Things about strategy will be released whenever one is pushed through. And my feelings I’ll only share in Ex Animo poems from now on, leaving out the details of those involved and their actions. 

Aside from the Project Nosce Te Ipsum page I’m also working on (it’s currently a visible draft), I’m going to stop with uploading drafts and then editing them online until they’re done (or never touch it again). I find it cool that I’ve showed how I work and that I do everything by myself, but not everyone might understand my process, or even wants to see it. So I’m going to act more like a regular blogger. I’m all about comfortable (and exciting) reading!!! And SEO and stuff… I’m also going to pay more attention to the SEO of my posts. My diary posts and drafts weren’t optimized at all, because they weren’t really showpieces of what I’m capable of.

In case the term SEO is new to you: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s there to make sure a website and its content are well-indexed by search engines.

The coming few days, I’ll finish up the state of my websites, so that it will perfectly suit my (impulsive, but much better) approach for what I want to achieve. Simultaneously, I hope to find my source for a regular income – still on that job hunt – and to legally settle the painful issue with my family once and for all.

I hope you’ll love my new approach! (I hope that more people will regularly read my blog, because of this.) Please, sign up for the newsletter, so that I can engage you in my process more 🙂 ♥ .