My diary is complete. The Inner Crown was the last aspect that had to be explained. Now my entire past has been broken down in my online representation of self. This addendum is for those who are busy deciphering the underlying message in my posts. It includes a (relatively) quick overview a priori of everything and some additional remarks. Because my camera died halfway through, this is part 1.

My love,

After my addendums, I will fully focus on the future (with great emphasis on the Inner Crown). First I want to give an overview of my past, because that defines my present actions. (You must have heard that before. 🙂 )

I will film the rest on Tuesday. The entire idea behind it will be clearer then. I’ll also go in to the rest of my wall by then. And living in Antwerp. 😀

Before the Video

Unfortunately, there will be no new posts until Tuesday. I will miss you, my dear.


05:17 Antwerpen Kievitwijk