This addendum covers the overview and additional remarks from the moment I quit my studies until the moment I was hospitalized in October 2017. It (thus also) covers my side of the story about going missing.

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A Summary of Addendum 2

01:2009:00 Additions to what I said in the previous video. I had not yet mentioned that since my grandfather passed I became a sort of workaholic in order to be able to ignore my feelings. And that the wave of nonsensical quarrels between my parents and I started when I was forced to explain my suicidal thoughts and then was punished for having them.

11:25 paragraph “Alternative Lyrics for the Einzelgänger”.

09:3025:00 Education and an investment proposal as a consensus between my parents and I, which was declined, but my subject (former professor) was still willing to work with me.

25:0137:00 The Inner Crown experience and the miscommunication within this experience, also mentioned in paragraph “Mad Cuddle”, further elaborated on in

37:0156:00 After the zillionth fight at home, my parents taking me to the first aid and the start of psychiatric surveillance. I stayed silent for 5 days, after which I told my parents and the surveillance people that I did not want them to monitor me. They prescribed me psychiatric medicines and didn’t allow me to go outside. I refused the anti-psychotics.

56:0101:27:10 Against my will, I started taking anti-psychotics and was allowed to go outside after having been trapped inside for over 2 weeks. Many times I had said that I didn’t want the surveillance, but my requests were ignored. Being outside felt so liberating, and it was my only chance to be away from the surveillance and arguments. I didn’t want to go back home ever and thought that my parents would see that link too.

01:27:1101:46:29 I was in the same place for too long and was approached by two police officers. They took me to the police station in my neighborhood, where I was treated like a criminal and interrogated over and over and over again. I told them “Lock me up or whatever, but do not send me home,” which did not ring a bell. They sent me home.

01:46:3001:49:19 Family holiday to Suriname in July 2017. I quit taking anti-psychotics, started to engage in social activities and the disagreement inside the Inner Crown was resolved. Also the birth of Project Nosce Te Ipsum.

01:49:2001:52:39 I was forced to go to Curacao with my parents for the first time.

01:52:4001:57:06 I was hospitalized in October 2017 (October 6th). While I was telling this, my camera died again. x_x

So Addendum 2 will be followed by Addendum 3. Hopefully that will be the last video of this series of addenda.


17:50 you know where I am 🙂