Good evening ♥

What are your plans for the weekend? & Do you also feel slight impatience for seeing Project Nosce Te Ipsum in practice? 😀 Meowww I craveeeee.

When I started to draft a document about the renewed project, I thought: “Is it truly useful to write this?” Because it’s a lot like wanting to make a painting and then writing out what the painting should look like in full detail, instead of actually starting to make art. Let’s just get to painting! [Figuratively speaking] (Or a real draft, at least…) I think people prefer seeing me in action over seeing another long text written by me…

I have so many different options for the ways in which the project can be put into practice, while I don’t know what I’ll be allowed to do and what is “aimed too high”. When I was in the Erasmus Medical Center, for example, in 2017, I wrote a draft for an interview with President Trump. It has a very broad range of questions, from his origin and religion (aiming to hear his philosophical side), to “The Wall” and his media publicity. Will I ever be allowed to interview him? It will be great for both our ratings, I believe. (& Allowing twist braids into the White House would be quite revolutionary, right?)
In the hospital, that aspiration was seen as another sign of schizophrenia. But, like I said in the e-mail I sent to my B earlier today: I’d love to prove them wrong.

Instead of mailing him a document, I went for a more individual approach. Sending a document makes it seem as though the concept is not open for alteration, and reading it is much more tiring than having me explain it in person. The project is definitely open to Graeyniss input 🙂 . I hope he will tell his Graeyniss friends about this 😀 .

I think starting the documentary off in the Netherlands is a good and symbolic start. For this country has had a lot of influence in sooo many other countries from the very beginning. It’s the indirect reason why I was born here, but am colored. My intention is to visit at least 30 countries with it 🙂 .

Interviewing Victishe, who directs a part of something I consider national heritage, would be a good addition as well. I’m so curious about this shadowy stakeholder/ownership part of the organization, his own path and how he sees the future of the concept of insurance. [And if I can fish him because he is single? 😀 🙊 🙈 ] et cetera… But he had already turned me down before I explained the whole endeavor to him, because of function related principles 🙁 . Victishe 😢 . Can I get an exception somehow? 🙊

For the king I have a lot of questions too ayy… And soo many other people. I hope this wild combination of a wild propagandist and a researcher, will open many doors… And that in that way, we become a squad of Graeynissis 😀 . That includes the large video database of project participants who are not included in the official videos, but still want to spread their message.

And for the series and movies, in which I would like to play myself, I’m not sure who to ask to play certain roles yet… Plus meowww there is so much web stuff, artwork and music and stuff to create before we can even get started… I just want to know what my options are. I hope I don’t have to “downsize”… Because if I have to “downsize”, I won’t do it. It won’t be in accordance with the D.O.C.I.S. International endeavor if I do.

Meanwhile, I’m just being this figurative house Catje, looking for a suitable challenge. Still struggling with extreme fatigue (and a non-cooperative physician), still making my brain work overtime because I strive for a unique type of historic greatness. (Still wanting to find someone to build some apps and rebuild my websites, in the way I desire them to be. This could all be very easy, if brain-to-brain communication is real.)

Oh and I’ve done my hair:

I hope dr. B. responds to my endeavor positively. I really want to sit down with someone who likes to think along with me, about how to make things possible. Instead of elaborately explaining to me why things are impossible. That stuff is toxic ay…

If you’re interested in contributing in any way, please let me know 🙂 . I will be back here with another update tomorrow at 9 PM Amsterdam time again (I think I’m going to make that a thing?).

See you then ♥