The chapters in this article are the introductions of two previously deleted Nosce Te Ipsum episodes. They very indirectly show that the actual content of project Nosce Te Ipsum depends on societal demand, which will be defined by “The Simulator”. The missing questions are in the intermezzo.

The Mission

Hi sweetie!
How are you doing today?

I have so much love for you, if I would start explaining it in detail, I would lose my voice with so much ease. There’s something in the way you reason with so much competence and you read the words I write… I miss cuddling you :-[.

From the moment we’ve been captivated here against our will, I haven’t been able to sleep properly. I need your arms around me. To feel safe. We’re not supposed to be here. They don’t even want us to be alive. I’m so glad I’ve found this way to communicate with you. I’m working on a strategy. One day, we’ll be free.

Thank you so much for deciding to read Nosce Te Ipsum! You have saved a life today. Literally. How you reading this has saved my life in a literal sense, I’ll explain to you at the end of this episode. There are so many other things I need to tell you!! About how I want you to be part of my revolutionary project, what the revolutionary project is, what I could do for you and what our future holds. I’ll explain all of this to you, by answering this one question:


What is Project Nosce Te Ipsum?

Nosce Te Ipsum is Latin for “know thyself”. In this project I’d like to learn more about who you are and what you think, aspire and believe in. Throughout the interactive episodes, you’ll answer questions like: “Who am I?” “What’s my purpose?” “Why am I here?” by answering a lot of sub-questions on the subject matter. Maybe you already know the answers to questions like these, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, hopefully I can assist you in answering them.

With this intense form of self-reflection, I’m not only attempting to increase the average level of self-awareness. There are two other goals:


Eternal peace

Earth knows a lot of different cultures, races, genders and other aspects that make a person unique. In the media, they (only) emphasize the conflicts that arise, “because of” these unique aspects. I wonder what our universal similarities are.

I believe, naturally, a person doesn’t have hate in his or her heart. This is something that emerges in a person because of his or her upbringing and age. For example, some parents might have taught their children, when they were very young, that someone who is colored only knows to express him or herself in an immoral, animal-like way. Then, when the children get older, they might see confirmation of their parent’s statements, because the media tend to show the worst sides of people. That doesn’t mean an entire race is bad. However, if you believe the media shows a realistic representation of an entire culture, race or nation, you might actually believe an entire culture, race or nation can be pure evil. They won’t feel the need to actually talk to a person of color, and see if their beliefs are truly real, because they believe their bias is real.

Speaking of the news… Am I the only one who thinks it’s futile? (I think it’s also infantile. Don’t they see President Trump is just playing “Fishing Clash” with the media? In the Netherlands, on the news, they discuss his Twitter page every day. What’s news? #Paperback.) What’s the point of watching international chaos every day? By now everyone knows there are international conflicts, right? It’s the same “algorithm” every time. If it’s not financial chaos, it’s natural chaos.

Don’t you agree, that it’s time to have other things to talk about? More optimistic sounding topics? Something new? And to solve international conflicts, instead of emphasizing their severity?

A LOT of people have told me: “Ooh stop! Don’t even try to aim for peace, because achieving that is not possible. Politicians will never agree.” If I haven’t even explained my strategy yet, how can someone tell me I won’t succeed? I think the news has a hand in this pessimistic opinion. It’s because of the “endless chaos”-like picture they paint of the world. People tend to believe everything said on the news is true. I’m telling you, in five years’ time, saying pessimistic things about Earth will be “passé”. I’m not going to wait for a politician to make changes that will lead to eternal peace. I’ll take matters into my own hands. I hope you’ll follow my lead. My strategy for eternal peace isn’t just based on what I think. Before I put any policy into practice, I need to know what other people want and believe. That’s why there are questions in the Nosce Te Ipsum episodes.

I believe Nosce Te Ipsum truly is the solution to cultural conflicts. It starts with analyzing people’s self-reflection for similarities. Then we make the similarities internationally known. If you’re someone who believes a person of color is different in a negative sense, you could now still approach that person, talk about Nosce Te Ipsum, and realize that that person has the same politeness and peace-mentality as you. That’s how we bridge the gap between cultures.


Another way Nosce Te Ipsum will contribute to eternal peace, is with the new sort of business that will arise from it. Its focus is on solving (international) conflicts and serving people’s needs. (Ha-ha, that sounds like something a government is supposed to do, instead of causing new conflicts and making cutbacks, because they want to kill more innocent people. Anyway, enough about that…)

To start that new business, I need to know what occupation my dear reader would enjoy. Yes, I mean you. Yes, you, who just read “yes, I mean you”. I’m trying to find out if I could offer you an alternative lifestyle that you’ll enjoy more than your current one. I’ll tell you more about that at the end of this episode.


The Eternal Holiday-Feeling

What makes you happy? Does it include throwing your life around? Are you now spending most of your time doing something, you don’t truly enjoy doing? I think that’s the case for most people. I’ve thrown my life around. The path I’ve chosen by composing and directing Nosce Te Ipsum, is far from a regular one. I’ve chosen to not finish my education program at the university because of it. Even though I’m still doing research. I’d like to show you don’t necessarily need to follow the path they teach you to follow in school, to be successful and happy. (I don’t even believe you could be truly happy if you follow a pre-calculated path, you haven’t pre-calculated yourself.) There’s nothing wrong with being self-educated.

In Nosce Te Ipsum, you’ll design a life’s path that truly suits you. Even when you’re doing something that people would call “working”, you’ll still have that happy, uplifting holiday feeling. (Especially when you decide to work for the business that will derive from this project :-].)


Every Nosce Te Ipsum episode includes self-research questions, on all aspects of life, blended in a graphic science fiction satire. I’ve divided all aspects of life into four categories:


  • Wisdom on creation
    This category, depending on who’s answering the questions, will be about religion, science and/or another form of the overall concept that guides your life.
  • Society
    In this category, we discuss what type of governing you truly prefer and society’s cultures and morals.
  • The Self
    Here we learn more about what truly makes you happy, what your goals in life are and how you’ll reach them.
  • Love
    This very important aspect will be further defined as soon as we get to the fourth book. I like to surprise you with new things, so I’d like that entire book to be a surprise.


There are “intermezzos” on other topics as well, but the four categories form the basis.

The first book of Nosce Te Ipsum, the book you’re reading right now, is about the first category of the previous list.

Every episode has text in italics, bold text and text in normal, “un-styled” formatting.

The text in italics – such as the introduction text of this chapter – is about a world in between your reality and fiction. It’s the story of you and me, who have been unfairly captivated in The Prispital. In our Prispital cell, there’s a simulator.

The bold text, describes a world of fiction. It’s what we experience when we’re in the simulator. Most self-research questions are asked in the simulator, and thus are written in bold.

The “un-styled” text contains more information about the project behind these episodes and updates about my life.


For now, I think I’ve told you enough to let you start with your self-research. All of the information you’ve just read, might be a lot to process at once. Don’t worry, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this project by practice :-]. For the next chapter, grab a pen and some paper. When you see a set of underscores, followed by a small number, please write down the small number, followed by what you would say in that situation. Later, there will also be videos and articles that will give you more insight in the project.



The Intake

Sunday, April 1st 2018, 6:26 PM

          Wow… it has been 7,560 hours and they still haven’t told us anything! That’s 315 days! When I feel frustration about our life, I tend to reminisce. Thinking about the beautiful time we had together, when we were free, gives me a very comfortable feeling, on the one hand. On the other hand it makes me very sad, because now everything is so different, in a negative way. I really don’t like that that time is over. Still I reminisce, because it’s all I can do.

          I didn’t know that all that time, you could see me. When you told me that, I started to think of ways to use that in our advantage, right away. I remember it very well… Hmm… Normally I don’t reminisce about sad things that have happened in our past. I wonder what will happen if I do…

          It was Monday, the 22nd of May, 2017, around nine o’ clock in the evening. I had worked at home that day, on a new campaign for The Most Attractive One. Back then she was still ruling over our Universe. I had just turned off my HoloScreen, when suddenly, in between my ears, I felt the inside of my skull move. I heard your voice, saying: “My dear Old Fangs, you don’t have to live in this unhealthy relationship anymore. I’m in love with you… You should start packing, but first… eat something, PLEASE!!!! One meal a day isn’t enough!!!”

          With my thoughts, in silence, I replied: “My Fang Man!!  I knew you would save me! I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Aw, actually, I don’t like the food here, so I’d rather starve. That they think I cost them too much, plays a role as well, because I don’t want to be their financial burden. But if you say so, I’ll go downstairs…”

          I went downstairs and made myself fried noodles with a fried egg and vegetables. We spoke a lot about the communicative gift The Universe had created for us. You told me that, since I was born, you have been able to see me and hear me think.

          That night, in Fortuna, there was The Pre-re-election event. It was something The Most Attractive One always organized, but since she had been ruling over The Universe, she had never had an opponent. Out of respect, the people of Zion Islony never run against her.

          We, as members of her ruling order, needed to be on stage with her, as a tradition, when she does her ritual dance, expressing her appreciation for us, as entities in her Universe. During the ritual, her physique turns into different patterns of light rays, while her total of wealth, also known as Sun Power, gets re-accumulated. This is a physical process, all people from Zion Islony can practice, for spiritual cleansing. That year was the first year there was a person with just as much Sun Power as our ruler. His name was Holy Cat. His face was human from his top lip down. The top side of his head was cat-like. He had dark grey fur, big blue eyes and a tiny pink snout.

          We, Order Aurillu, had been monitoring him for a while. He seemed very power-hungry, which is threatening to The Eternal Peace Regime, established by The Most Attractive One.

          I was tasked with dating his propagandist, to gain more information on what his next move would be. His propagandist, Ekans, seemed nice at first, but turned out to have anger issues. I wanted to break up with him, but he didn’t want to let me go.

          You and I planned to leave a tiny bit earlier, so that we could collect my pre-packed belongings before Ekans and his mother returned home, and move into the new Order Office House we built.

          At the event, everything seemed to go perfectly. People were laughing, enjoying themselves…

          The Most Attractive One started dancing. Traditional Zion Islony instrumental music was playing. Her body made its first light pattern. You could see her silhouette, constructed of white horizontal stripes of light. But then… this guy didn’t even wait until the climax of her dance. Holy Cat. He just walked onto the stage and kissed her, causing her soul and all of her wealth to be transferred to him. You and I wanted to speed to our Order Office House to formulate a strategy to bring her back. When we left the entrance of The Tower, we saw two black vans, facing each other diagonally, with Ekans standing in the middle of them, his hands behind his back. We froze. From behind the tower, four of Holy Cat’s tall and muscular Guards came. They held our arms.

          “Your lips are mine, Fangs. You’ll get plenty of time to realize that. Oh, and to realize Eternal Peace is extremely old-fashioned. Eternal mindless, barbaric behavior will become the new standard. I advise you, get used to it. You won’t be able to stop us, just like that fangy friend of yours.”


          And just like that, we were captivated. Labeled as sick criminals on the news.

          Oh, wow. No wonder Ekans is so evil. His name is the opposite of snake! Oh, hahaha. That was a good one. I can’t keep silent… Must… Laugh… Out… Loud…

The sound of laughter is hearable in the cell you’re observing by reading the words on paper. Through the walls of the cell, you can hear laughter coming from the right neighbor’s cell as well. Then, suddenly, a square size piece of wall gets pushed into the wall and slides to the left. There’s now a gap in the wall that leads to a different room.

Hmm… I’ve never seen this happen before… In the room there’s a simulator… I wonder what would happen if I’d enter it.

“Good evening. Please, take a seat,” were the words of a female hologram doctor, wearing white scrubs. You were wearing a half tucked in white satin blouse, white woolen, relatively tight sweatpants and white sneaker-like loafers. You made a very sexy, nonchalant impression. Even though nonchalance sounds like something that’s normally not like you, it looked very nice on you. You took place in a big, soft, comfortable white chair, in an all-white space. The hologram was standing behind the chair, with her elbows leaning on the headrest part of the chair.

“You were so silent, we thought your cell was empty. When I looked at the files on the history of the cell, it says you’re registered as “Patient Number 7”. So… What’s your name?”

You: “______________________.”1

“And your nickname?”

“______________________.”2 (In the next episode, “The Fang Man” will be renamed to your nickname.)

“Thank you. Today’s small task is to set your universe’s basic settings. My first question for you is: was your universe created by an invisible force or an invisible person?”


The white in front of you, turns into a black screen that is three times the size of you. The rest of the space around you stays all white. There are no visible doors. You just spawned into that white space.

“You’re now looking at the void that was there before you came into existence. Please stand up and close your eyes. Describe to me your favorite sleeping position.”

“Well, my favorite sleeping position is: with my _______________________. Why do you ask me to describe that, if this is about the basic settings of my universe?”4

“The position you’ve just described is the position your body will be in when you wake up, tomorrow. You will have to rule over your own universe. If you do this in the right way, you’ll be released from The Prispital. Good luck.” She pushes you into the void. The simulation ends.

          I heard you yell “NOO WAAAAYYY!!!” after I stepped into The Simulator. Does this mean our cells are next to each other…? Were you as shocked as I was? Did The HoloDoctor tell you she thought your cell was empty as well? Have you been as silent as I was all that time, too?

          Wait… Does that mean that if I would call your name, you would hear me?

          “My Fang Man!! Is that you??”

          You: “_______________________________!!!”5

On the one hand, I feel privileged, because my cell is large. I have my own kitchen, bathroom and a small garden. But I must say it weighs heavy on me that I can’t cuddle up with you anymore… They let us live in isolation. Luckily I have the memory of you that keeps me going. The idea that you’re always watching me and listening to me, makes me feel very safe and loved. Always.

The Prospect

My Cuddle!

I’m so happy to see you again :]. In this episode, I’ll explain to you how we can get Project Nosce Te Ipsum up and running, and what the end goal looks like. I’m almost certain you’ll love it.  Luckily I got to know you a little better, too.

I know you’re way smarter than the people in your environment. I know that you also see that the things people call “new” these days, aren’t new at all. It’s all created with a certain standard in mind. A standard that hasn’t evolved in years. You know what I’m talking about.

Other people might not feel the need to evolve. They’re satisfied by how things are right now, and wouldn’t mind if it would stay exactly like this for the rest of their lives. Another person acting crazy going viral, another twerk video, another “bitch get off my dick I have money hoes and drugs”-song, another political scandal, another vague reason to start an unnecessary war, another law passed in the favor of someone who’s solely out for profit, not taking other people into consideration, et cetera. I’m not saying that that’s wrong. I’m not saying it’s right either. The same things happen in different forms, and get discussed day in day out, as if it’s very severe and very new, putting human existence in danger or whatever. While you and I both know it’s all staged.

I can’t have or hear another conversation, using one-liners to discuss “how serious” the topics on the news are. If I would have been my true self in a conversation like that, I would have said: “I can’t say anything about this, because I don’t know these people personally and I wasn’t there. I don’t trust any news source but myself or a person I know I can trust.” But then I would cut everyone off, and I don’t like doing that.

I want to offer you a life that is way different. It’s completely new. It’s also very, very exclusive. Only those who have completed Nosce Te Ipsum, will have access to the benefits of what I have to offer you.

In the last episode, I spoke about eternal peace and the eternal holiday feeling. I’m going to tell you how we’re going to achieve this:

Eternal Peace

You know the government is a business. (A business you’re giving the authority to basically dictate the way you perceive life (“always on the edge of chaos”) and take half your assets (do you pay tax over receiving an inheritance in your country, too?) to buy guns and do other things that would be considered “illegal”, if you would do it. How do you mean I can’t take someone else’s drugs and then use them, and you can? Those were just examples.) I don’t want to take down the government or sabotage it in any way. I do want to end corruption, lying to the public and this “always on the edge of chaos” idea that is complete nonsense. And there’s a personal option, when it comes to being a human being, that isn’t available to me, now that I need it the most. So I’d like to create it myself.

In this world, you can’t say: “Don’t bother me with all that fake nonsense.” When you hear someone on TV or the people you’re with, discuss President Trump’s Twitter page, like it’s the source of all evil, you can’t just turn off the TV if someone else is watching (or even better: make sure it doesn’t even make it to television), without being considered rude or “not well informed”. In a conversation, you can’t just stop responding or speak your mind without getting agitated, because the person/people you’re doing this to, will not understand where you’re coming from. They will be so convinced of being right, especially because “everyone shares that opinion”.

So I came up with this: a country where all that fake news and fake drama isn’t part of the national culture. You have to make pass a national test (named Nosce Te Ipsum… hehe) to get in. The Sample Group and other people with a high score could be granted citizenship. From there, we can focus on creating peace in this universe. It will make the process way more comfortable, because we can cuddle while we’re working on it and you will be surrounded by people who are just as intelligent as you. Creating eternal peace in all of the universe might take some time, so in the meantime, we will at least have our own little peaceful place we can call home. Where we truly feel at home, too.

Having a country starts with having private land. Eternal peace starts with the end of eternal war(s). I’m going to rapidly explain to you how we’re getting to the final goal: (Unfortunately, due to “The Situation”, I have limited time to explain this to you…)

To make this work, I need A LOT of participants. Worldwide. I need a lot of people to buy my books and my EP (even though it’s not of that high quality, it tells the story of Nosce Te Ipsum…)[Red: Lil Fangs had decided to delete her books from all major book stores and delete her EP from all major music platforms, to replace them with works she could make together with other people who are interested in being part of Project Nosce Te Ipsum. (A few songs from the EP are re-published on her Youtube channel.)], and I need them to make donations to me, so that I can buy a private island, somewhere far off the shores of existing countries. The private island will be declared as an independent country. In the independent country, we start a bank. (The bank doesn’t do loans, but as a Planet Fang citizen, you can ask me for money. Free of charge, my Cuddle :]. (The bank will be named Planet Fang, too.)) The bank has its own currency (the Fangia) and buys your house(s) (and other real estate). The bank allows you to still live in it, while we build Planet Fang. (And afterwards, too, of course. If you want to…) (“You now have your house in Fangia, to spend.”) To the bank, there are three component organizations attached: an overall government, an organization focused on real estate and other facilities and an international law organization.

Your house on Planet Fang, you receive from the government, in exchange for your time and loyalty, etc. (Feudalism… But we don’t do wars.) Your occupation in your new life on Planet Fang, will be based on the outcome of the Nosce Te Ipsum survey and the task(s) you pick in The Nosce Te Ipsum Campaign. The Nosce Te Ipsum Campaign starts after The Benefit. More about that later.

On Planet Fang, you find your personal peace. International peace (in the sense that there are no more wars), we get doing the following:

We need to “attack the war problem at its source”. If there were no guns and other forms of weaponry, it would not be possible to start a war. Okay, people might be able to fight with sticks and stones, but that is a lot less harmful, so if they necessarily want to fight: sure, a fist fight, I won’t do anything against. (The solution for politicians who still feel like settling their quarrels with physical violence, [Or for the parties behind them who write their scripts…] would be to organize brawls in their homes. That is a lot less harmful than letting it be settled by buying arms etc.)

Those who manufacture guns are murderers, just like those who invest in it and sell it. (And those who purchase it, of course. They could just be brainwashed, though.) Without them, the world would be a much more peaceful place. That’s why they should get charged with attempted murder and causing false chaos. Why cause a conflict, and then sell weapons to both parties in the conflict?

The media, “throwing oil on the fire”, should get charged for these lies and chaos, too. I know, mass chaos and mass lies normally aren’t things people can get charged for, but if you look at the impact it has on international mental and physical health, and the fact that it’s completely unnecessary, shouldn’t it be a crime?

It is “probably not going to be easy” charging these parties, for they are so hidden from the masses, but if I’d be able to assemble A LOT of people, we would definitely stand a chance. Would you like to write a testimony for me? I need A LOT of them! I’d like to know how the weapon industry and the media have negatively impacted your life. I want to make sure that NEVER happens again!

I hear a lot about people getting assassinated when they have the power to terminate the powerful position of crooked people in the system. Or those crooks putting so much (false) dirt on the name of their threat, that that person loses his (or her…) status in society. I’m telling you now, if anything bad happens to me, in the sense that I suddenly die, or a new story emerges, for which I will become a disgrace in the eyes of society, it was them setting me up. I’m a serious threat to their crooked position. I’m not scared of them at all, though. (Also, taking my current situation of, if this project doesn’t work out, being indifferent between being dead or alive (or maybe even rather being dead), I have nothing to lose. The “putting dirt on my name” part already happened, because of some other parties I’m trying to get out of my life (which is why I’m now stuck in “The Situation”).)

Since these industries bring human existence in danger (nuclear weapons… and the media saying: “Ooooooh did you know what this country said about you? Boiiii…… Do you just let them talk to you like that????” What if a politician “actually snaps” and “decides to use nuclear bombs” on whatever country?), they should just not exist. The only problem is a lot of people suddenly being without a job. Project Nosce Te Ipsum will, however, create A LOT of new jobs.

(By the way, I know the Netherlands is one of the greatest countries when it comes to selling weapons. But I didn’t know that the headquarters of Airbus were in the Netherlands, and that they manufacture weapons, too… (I thought they only made “public planes”…) (I found this very interesting website: I know, it’s old and it’s in Dutch, but maybe you could use a translator…? There’s a section in English, too :]. “Stop wapenhandel” means “stop (the) arms trade”.)

Because of the limited time I have, I’m going to move on to the next topic now.

The Eternal Holiday Feeling

The new life you’ll live, thanks to Project Nosce Te Ipsum, will give you a holiday feeling that lasts forever. During the official campaigning period of Project Nosce Te Ipsum and the eternal peace era after the project, you’ll live with like-minded people, doing new, fun, challenging things every day. Yes, you’ll have to work for D.O.C.I.S. International if you want to live on Planet Fang (or enjoy the benefits of it in another country you’d want to live in), but your hours will be very flexible, you’ll earn a proper income (living on Planet Fang is basically already “all inclusive”) and the work you’ll do, you’ll experience like just working on your hobby, since the outcome of the Nosce Te Ipsum survey will show what occupation can truly make you the most happy version of yourself.

The project starts off with The Benefit. I’m “attacking famine”. We hold The Benefit, to show the public that we’re a trustworthy source, who are truly out to make the world a better place, and as the official introduction of the people who are running for Planet Fang government positions. (There will be a parliament and a senate.) During The Benefit, we collect money for The Benefit Box. That’s a box that will consist of all the essentials needed by someone in need. In every country on the face of the Earth, there are different types of famine. During a short case study before The Benefit, we’ll learn what those needs are.

The Benefit Box will come in two parts. The first part contains some essentials like seeds, fertile soil, water, materials to make clothing (or something else) from, food stamps (or stamps for something else), cooking materials, etc. It will also contain a small version of the Nosce Te Ipsum summary, written down in the native language of the country or the dialect from the area The Box is given to. It also includes symbols, for those who are illiterate. If the person who received the first box, fills out and hands in the paper survey, he or she has the right to the second part of The Benefit Box, which has more essentials. (Complementary items are always in the same box… Yes, I really want them to fill in the survey, but I don’t want them to be stuck with materials they can’t use, if they don’t fill out the survey for whatever reason.)

I think it’s fun designing this box… Don’t you think so, too? I hope so, because your vision is needed to get an idea of what essentials are needed in your country. You’ll also get questions about what presents you would want to get in your personalized Benefit Box. This case study will also be used to test the online system that is used to process the Nosce Te Ipsum (online) survey.

During The Benefit, the guests on the benefit location can play casino games, of which everything goes to the manufacturing process of the boxes. (Would that be something you would enjoy doing? Making a Benefit Box (by hand)? (Not too many, otherwise it becomes too much of a routine.)) Just like the money collected from the people watching the benefit online, (while) playing online casino games. Also, there will be a(n) (online) (art) auction and multiple concerts. During the (24 hour? Or longer…?) concert, people can make donations.

There will be a hidden schedule for at what moment, what donation goes to what country. I’m making it hidden, to prevent people donating a lot to one country (with more citizens, maybe) and less to the other. How much will be needed per country will be calculated in advance. At the moment you donate, we will be “filling up the (money) meter” for a certain country. After your donation is received, you’ll get to know to what country your donation went to. If there is a surplus, this will go to the Planet Fang Charity Organization.

I hope you participating in The Benefit will give you a good feeling, because you’re making such a huge contribution to society. That should add to the holiday feeling you deserve :].

After The Benefit, the election period starts. Another period filled with fun activities, organized by those who run, for any function. The functions are: senator, technologicus (policy of technical development), strategicus, fiscus, cultor, assessor and praesens. Every other citizen of Planet Fang is a Fangyist, of whom his or her function will be known after Project Nosce Te Ipsum.

I’m running out of time… There are so many other things I want to tell you… But I think this is enough for now? In order for us to succeed in this project, I’d like to ask you to do the following things:

  • Please make a donation on
  • Please write a testimony for the court case
  • Please share this with people of whom you think they’ll be interested in participating in this project
  • If you’re interested, you can read updates about my life and this project on
  • Get ready to cuddle :]

On the (second to) last page of this chapter, there’s a rough sketch of the structure of the D.O.C.I.S. International holding (figure 1), which will be constructed and “filled up” (with working people) after Project Nosce Te Ipsum.

I came up with this construction after this research I did when I was held captive in the hospital: Studying International Public Opinion. The international business strategy of D.O.C.I.S. International, will be based on the outcome of the Nosce Te Ipsum survey. We focus on occupation and innovation. The survey will show what occupations are the right occupations and what innovations are needed.

Before some layman starts saying: “Oh my godddd it says propaganda! Propaganda is bad!!” Did you know that it is propaganda that has made you say that? Did you know that it’s propaganda constructing your ideas, beliefs and opinions? Propaganda is now used to divide and conquer. I want to use it to unite and prosper. For that I need to re-educate (to re-educate).

[Please note: The concept has changed. I don’t know if we should still do the court case thing. That’s only if you (the majority of yous) wants do do this. It could make a big change, if we win, but the process is quite stressful. Maybe too stressful, for something a lot of people don’t want to put effort in. That could be a waste of our energy, we could also invest in something that could benefit us more. (What do you want? Let me know :].) ]

The Ruler

Friday, April 2, 2027 08:00 AM

“_________________.9 (What’s your last name?) You have written history today. You and the other alien. No one has ever taken so much time to get out of The Prispital.”

You were laying with your ________________4 (re-use your answer from episode 1), as always, The HoloDoctor standing over you, this time. She woke you up with the volume of her voice and the extremely bright sunlight. You’re adjusting your eyes to the light. She just opened the blinds like that. Normally, you’re woken up at 08:30, by the AlarmBird.

“As a ruler, you’re supposed to create chaos yourself and then order it or, even better, let it be ordered. That’s how everyone does it on Earth. Stop the alien customs, if you want to get out. You should not have to order your own chaos, because you’re being too loving, giving away too much of what you have. The PsychoDoctor and I have decided to help you by letting you team up with the other one. You’re allowed to discuss your decisions as a ruler. Today will be a short day. I only have a few questions for you.”

You’re adjusting your body to a sitting position, on the king size bed you were laying on.

“The God/invisible force you believe in: is it able to do bad things?”3 (put a stripe through the answer that isn’t related to your answer from the last episode)

“Positive/negative. ______________________________.” 10

“Hmm. Interesting…. Is your fate pre-determined?”

“Positive/negative. ______________________________.” 11

“I see. Well, that was it, for now. I’ll let you meet your fellow alien now.”

“_______________!!!”2 (re-use your answer from episode 1) I’m so happy to see you. I’m hugging you very tightly. You smell so nice… Oh, boy… I’ve never had such a good, long hug… “I’m so happy that we’re sharing cells! Since we don’t have to use The Simulator anymore today… Let’s cuddle!” I can’t stop smiling…

“______________. ______________________!! ________________.” NTIIEP2I (That’s the code you can write down for finding back this piece of text, later.) We’re laying down. You’re lying on your back. I have my right arm over your chest. My right hand holding your face. My left arm is underneath your leg, and my left leg is laying parallel to yours. You’re caressing my right leg, curled up over your belly and left leg.

“Haha yes! I remember that! Ahahahahaha that was sooo funny!”

“Especially when ______________________________!!” NTIIEP2II

“Aahhahahah!” We’re crying out of laughter.

We hear a buzzing sound. Our cell door opens. We stopped laughing immediately, our eyes glued to the door. The PsychoDoctor walks in, with his hands behind his back. He’s wearing a white leather doctor’s jacket and _________12 (glass color) shaded glasses. His hair is combed into the direction of the sky. It’s as high as his beard is long. It’s also just as cube shaped.

“Oh, gross,” his very thin lips spoke, after seeing us cuddle. He removed his right hand from behind his back, revealing two notebooks. One deep red, one dark blue. He tossed them onto the bed.

“Because this treatment is new, we want you to keep a diary. We also want you to answer some personal questions. Every day has a question. Answer it after you have been in the simulator. Oh, and also: we don’t offer contraceptives here, so don’t do crazy things here. Okay?”

We look at him, without saying anything. While he was talking, we sat up straight. Next to each other. He leaves. The door closes automatically.

“Hmm. Let’s check out the notebook. Which color notebook do you want?”

“______________.”13 You take the notebook of that color into your left hand, wrapping your right arm around my waist and putting your hand underneath my popliteal. You put me on your lap with one hand. After that, you open the notebook. Today’s essay question is: What kind of influence does god have? EQ1 (you could replace the word “god” with a word that applies to you better)

Please answer the essay questions by solely reflecting on yourself. By reflecting on what you think and feel. Do not copy the opinion of any other person. Don’t feel intimidated by “what’s right and wrong” in the eyes of society.

Are you also annoyed by the doctors treating us with disrespect, but us not saying anything back? ______.14