14:15 (02:15 PM)

Heyy ♥

My long term goal is to put my concepts for the development of my non-profit publishing and charity business into a multifunctional non-profit multinational, into practice.

It’s not simple, to find funding for this concept. So I’m very glad that yesterday, when I was thinking of finding another way to prove my expertise, I came across the University of Antwerp, which seems to have a very simple admission process, which, for this curriculum, apparently closed on the 14th of March. I hope I can still get in…

In that way, I can prove my expertise, claim a better salary and, once I have obtained at least 60 credits – haha yes I don’t have yet x_x – I could enroll in the program for student-entrepreneurs. It would solve my problem of having become far too attached to my bed.

In the period in which I wasn’t posting diary posts, I’ve gone to a couple of Meetup (that social media app) events. One about sustainable finance, another “shut up and write”, one about financial independence and one about public speaking.

Oh, and I have also worked as a street enquêteur for one day, when I was not diary posting. Approaching people who work in the business park of Schiphol Airport, from 7 AM until 10 AM, asking them if they make use of the “free sharing bike”, of which the funding might be cut. (Including two hours of travelling with metro and bus, to where I stayed in Amsterdam. It was for less than €30 in total, and I still haven’t claimed it yet. (I just thought of it, and was texted the “claim your income through our online portal” instructions later.)) I have pictures and videos of me doing that. There must be pictures and videos of me at those events as well, but I’m not on Facebook anymore.

I had to get up at 5 AM for this. I was tired while filming this… Oh meoww my phone can’t handle uploading the videos, so I’ll try to upload them via my computer 🙂 . For that, I’ll have to abandon my sweet bed. Also because I’m hungry and I want to continue writing. There’s quite a lot on my list, for the release of The Hypothesis, still…

Here’s a picture:

Bed petje doing “semi-“field work. This was on the 27th of February.

It was fun, but I felt like it was too far below the complexity of labor I can handle. That’s why the job hunt – even though I would rather work on the Project Nosce Te Ipsum Campaign – is going so very slow.

Meowws my mother will send my B another message soon – still too random that this now goes via her – so I still have a bit of hope for even better options than studying in Antwerp full-time or submitting myself to the work week of 40 hours for another boss ( = not me) again, until I find another suitable (and affordable) university.

I’m going to leave my bed and work on my most recent book xxx


18:59 (06:59 PM)

Meowww 🙁

I have to work on my release, to keep up my non-marketed publishing schedule of publishing something on the 30th of every month. But I’m so tired and there’s so much work to do, still. I’m talking unfinished chapters 🙁 . And making the cover et cetera. To release something I could be seriously proud of, I need more time (and a budget higher than €0). Aah meow and this heartache x_x.

I’m going to bed pet 🙁 .

I made a picture earlier, of myself in pet mode:

I don’t think I’ll upload that video today 🙁 .

Sad petje will go to bed now, and continue to write later xxx