In French, it is Anvers. In Dutch/Flemish it’s Antwerpen. I woke up to the word Antwerpiyays, so in Cuddle, Fangyism’s official dialect, it’s Antwerpiyays now. 😸

Though I rarely speak this dialect of mine… Only when I feel comfortable and cuddly, somewhere far into a conversation, I might unveil my inner Fangyist. She’s still vulnerable and developing. Getting a bachelor’s degree, though in conflict with my principles this society doesn’t acknowledge extraordinary intelligence without one so I have no choice, is a great step in this process. To find and teach new information and revolutionize our society with this.

I’ll be in Antwerp from 11:15 until about 14:45, to finish my admission at the University of Antwerp and do a little Summer shopping.

Around something to twelve, I woke up from the nap I took after eating my salad and watching an episode of Stranger Things with my younger sister. I felt a lot less tired than before and printed out the document I need to take with me to finalize my admission.

Then I felt like eating pancakes with apple, raisins, vanilla and cinnamon, so I made two of them.

making pancakes 1

My mother made this for me very often when I was little

making pancakes 2

Some panned yays

making pancakes 3

Mid-eating yaysss

Meanwhile I followed some “#NLintheUSA” diplomacy and senator Hawley’s speech on conservatism. All yays. Though I find that Dutch collector’s item flag very controversial and hoped to hear something about the history of New York, and maybe a link between African Americans and the Dutch.
And I learnt that the conservative view of change is quite similar to mine, but from a very different angle. I don’t have a country I proudly represent as part of my identity. Most of “my country” does not understand me. (“My country” is just as much the Netherlands as it is Suriname.)
I could much relate to his statements about cosmopolitanism. Though it makes me feel a little unwelcome. πŸ™

Then, while eating my pancake, watched Jinek on television, where the Dutch pro- and anti-Trump (something that is always annoying to me because how can Dutch people be so anti-Trump while he’s not even their president). And where was said that the Eurovision Song Festival next year might be held in Rotterdam… Fam… The Netherlands has no space for such a huge festival anywhere. I will flea this country when it’s held for sure… Thank me later because that will mean one individual in traffic less hahaha.

Meowss I’m going to rest some. My alarm goes at 07:50 AM.

I hope you’ll be following me today. πŸ™‚ I have a lot of time to blog today. πŸ˜€ Just like in the other coming few days, because I will continue to do “nothing” as long as my brain feels like continuing to develop my other web domains is too much.

Good night for now. β™₯

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Good morning πŸ™‚ ♥

My first alarm went off at 07:50, haha… I snoozed it until about 08:25, because I was still quite tired. But now I’m in the metro, on my way to catch my train. πŸ™‚ I’ll be on time haha yay.

How was your night? πŸ™‚

I hope you’re taking moments to pause and think about yourself, when I ask you questions. πŸ™‚

Meoww be right back. I have to switch metros. xxx

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My breakfast ahahahaha….

Getting up at 07:50 would have left me enough time to flip some pancakes, but now I didn’t even have time to apply highlighter to my face…

But anyway meoww the train is riding yays. πŸ˜€

Ahahaha fingers crossed that they won’t suddenly ask me to pay my tuition on the spot or something…

The main reason why I’m choosing an “exact science” is because there my alternative logic can’t get in the way as much. In Mathematics there’s only one correct answer – or multiple but at least – you have to explain your logic in symbols of which the meaning is universal. There’s a lot less room for miscommunication. In non-exact sciences factors like political stance and background can influence the way your answer is reviewed. It’s alwaysss the main reason why I used to fail classes. So by choosing Mathematics I’m avoiding that. I look forward to it. πŸ™‚

Even more to what I want to be doing with it after I have graduated a few times more. 😻 Secretly I wish I could start doing acknowledgable research already… There should be faster routes to that my meoww there’s a great shortage on Graeynissis anyway… 🙊 (But then again a shorter route could mean loss of quality? So then higher quality standards?)

Meoow there are technical difficulties with the main locomotive, so we’re standing still… I hope I’ll be at the university before 12:30 PM… 😅

I feel like taking a nap… Hehe my timezone will say Brussels later. πŸ˜€

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Yayss we’re back on near full speed again. πŸ™‚ Now I’ll be there at around 11:45 instead of 11:15. At least the train is operating well. Plus hearing Dutch with a French and Belgian accent is sexy meoww take your time. 😻 (Okay not too much because if I don’t make it to the university in time then I have to do this exhausting travel again hehe…)

It’s about a 10-minute walk to the city campus from the main station. So I think I’ll be good still…

Haha meooow earlier today, while I was getting ready, I suddenly saw this automated payment notice of €82 for a VPN license. I thought: “Nooo not nowwwww! Money is tight enough already.” I just cancelled the subscription. It feels like I’m exposed enough already to mask my online identity. Plus I have nothing to hide so I don’t even really care if everyone knows “all my secrets”. It would make everything easier actually. πŸ™‚ (As long as my openness isn’t used for evil practices…)

Ah meoow I said “I hope to see you there”, but unfortunately I don’t know what yous I’m speaking to and I always walk around with my earplugs in, doing everything as quickly as possible…

How can we spend some quality time togetherΒΏ 🙊

I’m at Breda now. πŸ™‚

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My meoow I might not be in the university on time and I don’t like calling to ask if they want to wait until I’m there. 😢

I’ll be at Antwerpen Centraal at 12:16. 😔

(I really need a room from September onwards instead of October. There’s no way I can have this when I have lectures.)

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The next stop is Antwerp yayss… It’s funny how vegetation is so different right across the border.

Meoww I’m to cool to sprint to the university but maybe I should… Otherwise this is a waste of €50 and a lot of time and effort… 😅

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Yayss officially, I’m a student at the University of Antwerp now. 😸

I can see myself live in Belgium for sure. πŸ™‚ I like the hospitality in the Dutch that is spoken here more than what is spoken in de Randstad (mid-coast of the Netherlands).

I bought a lil bathing suit as well, in the meantime. And ate a Subway sandwich… The first store I dived into after Subway was the HunkemΓΆller, where they didn’t have my size unfortunately. But at the H&M I did succeed. πŸ™‚ After that I’ve been searching for something Belgian to take home, aside from my enrollment papers. But without any luck… It’s something like a pen, notebook or piece of clothing from a local store I was looking for. Some other time then. πŸ™‚ It would be even cooler to get some local Graeyniss tour, like a B tour. In French. 😋

After my unsuccesful search for something Belgian to take home [chocolate will be finished before I get home so…], I thought of checking out the campus where I’ll have most of my lectures. But that idea came too late. I wouldn’t make my train, then. So I decided to chill at the zoo entrance until about when my train comes. Which is about now xxx.

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My phone connection has been acting up, but I think I can share my still life pictures now:

The scenery already makes me feel like yays. Finally an occupation my brain finds more yays than an office job or sitting at home. πŸ™‚

I was glad that I could finish my admission right away, even though I was late. There was a chance that I would have had to come back at 2 PM (luckily no words about coming back another day at all).

Now I have login credentials and I’ll get a student e-mail address haha. πŸ™‚ (Ik ben echt blij meoww. Ik was aan het doodgaan van verveling voor +2 jaar ofzo en hier is tenminste geen gezeik met toelatingseisen en veel lessen in kleine klasjes enzo… Yays. πŸ™‚ )

Subway sandwich

My standard order at Subway is a steak & cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes (and sometimes jalapenos), with chipotle sauce

Antwerp Zoo

Where I was chilling… At the entrance of the zoo of Antwerp. It was the most calm place I could find close to the central station within the short time I had left.

Is yays πŸ˜€

My lil bikini 😸

I thought of making a picture with my new bikini on, but I’m such a hairy Catje currently meow. 🙈

A hardcover notebook was what I spent most of my time searching, without any luck. So that’s what I’ll get when I’m in Rotterdam, which is in about 20 minutes. 😂 (Does that mean that there’s market for D.O.C.I.S. notebooks in Antwerp? 🤔 )

My phone will be in extreme power saver mode, so my next update will be here for you when I’m home. 😘

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Zo liep ik er de hele dag bij. Ik voeg een getailleerd overhemd aan mijn lijstje toe…

I entered bathrobe mode right after getting inside. My father left not long after I came home. I ate a salad (bought two yesterday) and made this picture:

The yays I’ve purchased. I loveeeee Leuchtturm notebooks 😻

Now I’m going to be sleeping again meowww I’m so tired I can drop my phone out of my hands at any second. 😴

Audiyayence &#1F63B;

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See you later. ♥ 😘

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