16:27 (04:27 PM)

Hey youuu

I have missed you so much!!

After my “mission” in the US, and me showing a very emotional side of myself on this blog, I told myself to not share my thoughts on this blog again. For the sake of attracting a larger audience and accomplishing my life goals (creating a new world, etc…). My thoughts are very “untraditional”… And I REALLY dislike defending myself against someone who solely intends to push their opinion, while not trying to even understand mine. I was afraid someone would verbally attack me for the way I express myself on this blog. But, as usual, there’s a lot of unspoken turbulence in my life and I need to express that somehow…

Before I dive into the turbulence [I want to make clear I am not “un-cuddle” and what my thoughts are on my thoughts on certain parties, which I’ve expressed in older posts. If you’re going to read my older posts, reading the thoughts on my thoughts is a must read, to understand why “it happens”] I want to write down what I put in the pasta I made for lunch/dinner at work, I ate today (and yesterday…..).

Tagliatelle, aubergines, tomatoes, union, stock block, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon + … (“Jonnie Boer kruidenmix”), creme fraîche.

21:55 (09:55 PM)

But of course I had to work in the meantime haha. My shift ends in 5 minutes.

00:42 (AM)

And now I’m in bed. I’m too tired to finish my stories now. Hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow morning and in between clients, tomorrow afternoon/evening.