Good morning โ™ฅ


Yesterday morning, around 9 AM, my sister and I arrived on Schiphol airport.

We met our loyal family friends from Amsterdam, considered family, at the Departures 2 parking lot, where they went to with two cars: one of theirs and one of ours, so that I could drive my sister and myself home.

My need-for-speed-within-boundaries style of driving brought us home sooner than the navigation system indicated. After having disarmed the home alarm system one of our neighbors watched the remote of while we were gone (haha oops I rang the doorbell exactly when he was walking around in his underpants. “I do that often, too,” unfortunately did not make it less uncomfortable for him haha), I practiced this jazz tutorial while I waited for my sister to be done showering so that I could take a nap.

My nap was very enjoyable, as well as having my own room after a week of sleeping in a shared bedroom (if you know what I mean). I’m going to miss the apartment in Curacao and the setting it came with, though.

After that, I wrote and uploaded the first D.O.C.I.S. Assignment (opens in new tab). I think it is fun. Hopefully you think that too.

Creating it was quite an occupation, so I unfortunately chose to order sushi instead of having dinner around the block.

After that I cleaned the kitchen a little and went to bed again.

Ah I have some pictures I took before leaving Curacao, for on here, which I hadn’t shared yet:

North Sea Bath Festival haha

I got this mosquito bite and hope it will not make me ill ๐Ÿ™

The elastic bands on these shoes were 100% worn out, so they have been trashed. I’ll miss them, because they have accompanied me on many Summer nights. ๐Ÿ™

Flight details curacao amsterdam 2019

I love thisss. It’s nice to have an assistant, hehe.

Pre-flight food. Best yuca fries eveerrrr!

The Dutch coast

I wish my lifestyle were like in Curacao always. Miss it alreadyyy. ๐Ÿ™

Today’s Excitement

Now it’s 06:40 AM and I’ve been awake since about 5 AM, looking up inspiration for my Wikipedia page, the best supermarket (for I have to go to three different locations to shop anyway and they all have supermarkets, so I might as well shop at the cheapest one, but then again I’d like to be time-efficient…) and braiding tutorials.

Our fridge, freezer and cabinets have been emptied of edible food before we left for Curacao. This is an impression of my fat groceries list (though meanwhile more products have been added to the actual list):

[ ] Krentenbollen
[ ] Limoenen
[ ] Truffelkaas
[ ] Pannenkoekenmix
[ ] Kokosmelk
[ ] Vochtig toiletpapier
[ ] Kipfilet
[ ] Kabeljauw
[ ] Eieren
[ ] Bananen
[ ] Pijnboompitten
[ ] Chorizo
[ ] Feta
[ ] Tomaten
[ ] Melk
[ ] Yoghurt
[ ] Brood
[ ] Duo penotti
[ ] Vanillesuiker
[ ] Pindakaas
[ ] Saffraan
[ ] Veldsla
[ ] Spinazie
[ ] Druiven
[ ] Aardbeien
[ ] Walnoten
[ ] Aardappelen
[ ] Gemberbier
[ ] Bakbanaan
[ ] Markoesasap
[ ] Cassave
[ ] Palmolie
[ ] Madame jeanette
[ ] Maizenakoekjes
[ ] Extensions
[ ] Klemmen
[ ] Kleine elastiekjes
[ ] Steelkam
[ ] Haarkapje
[ ] Tandenborstel opzetstukken
[ ] Infuser bottle
[ ] Paksoi
[ ] Tayer
[ ] Lamsvlees
[ ] Drumsticks
[ ] Kruizemunt

My route will be:

Shopping Center Alexandrium (for the most complete “toko” (click for more info (opens in new tab)) and the best and closest by hair shop)

–> Poelier Dijkshoorn (because I’m also in the mood for their ready-made chicken wings I haven’t eaten in a literal decade)

–> De Koperwiek (for new attachments for my toothbrush, as well as fluoride free toothpaste (I just thought of, wasn’t even on my list) and a new infuser bottle (had I shared that the other one fell apart on the train to Amsterdam a few months agoยฟ) and, according to my little search, the relatively cheapest supermarket (Jumbo > Plus)

–> Winkelcentrum Puccinipassage (for cheese and maybe a remainder of groceries and maybe fresh fruit) –> Home

I wonder how long this will take me. I’m going to clock it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I already miss not having to cook in Curacao, I’m happy with my diverse schedule of today. Yays for having things to do. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Instead of having only computer tasks all day.)

After grocery shopping, most of my time will be devoted to working on my essay. It will be a lot longer than my other essays, because I want to be more elaborate than I usually am. It will be online before the week ends. (Including the PowerPoint slides for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

For the coming event at the University and my upcoming speech and my appearance in general, preferably I’d like a new custom made wig, but that’s crazy expensive and will take a while to be made and delivered, so my best alternative is box braids. I’m tired of twist braids. Box braids have always been something I considered too difficult to do myself, but I’ve become courageous and excited for trying it, after watching these two tutorials:

I’ll start this process off today, after having uploaded my (answers to the) Assignment 1.

My exact tasks for today are:

  • Somehow find things to make breakfast with
  • Shower and stuff
  • Scan in Assignment 1 and request apartment visitations in Antwerp
  • Drive around doing grocery shopping (don’t forget big grocery bags and checking gas)
  • Eat drumsticks
  • Work on essay
  • Cook and eat (mac&cheese + salad)
  • Box braids (preparations)

I’ll also share my Assignment 1 here and how much time I took for this shopping for groceries. Other than that, that will be it for today. See you in a few. xxxxxxx


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Capelle aan den IJsselย 

Clocked Itttt

Here is the finished Assignment 1, also downloadable on The Fangs. (20:57):

Assignment 1 in practice

Can you decipher what my greatest privacy concerns are? Let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

And grocery shopping went faster than I expected. I’ve clocked itt:

11:08: Started to drive towards Shopping Center Alexandrium.

11:20: Realized that I forgot the shopping bags on the table, so arrived back home.

11:33: Paid for the parking meter at Shopping Center Alexandrium (โ‚ฌ1.72, 1 hour), turning on the music in my earphones to do shopping in the Amazing Oriental (โ‚ฌ19.50) and the hair shop around that block (Toko Alexandria, โ‚ฌ51.96).

11:55: Parked near Poelier Dijkshoorn (โ‚ฌ22.20 for the groceries).


12:15: Arrived at De Koperwiek, answering some texts and setting de parkeerschijf.


12:22: Shopping in Ekoplaza. (โ‚ฌ28.46)

12:32: After having put my Ekoplaza groceries in the car, arrived at Jumbo.

13:02: Having loaded the car with the Jumbo groceries (โ‚ฌ77.20), in doubt between walking all across De Koperwiek for that infuser bottle or trying to find it in Shopping Center Puccinipassage (low chance of succeeding, but quicker).

13:15: Arrived at Shopping Center Puccinipassage.

13:30: Driving away from Shopping Center Puccinipassage.

13:50: Watching a cheerleader talent show on Spike together with my sister and her boyfriend, while eating “een Italiaanse bol” with truffle cheese and a croissant with ginger jam, after having eaten a handful of mini drumsticks and having stacked the groceries in the fridge, freezer and cabinets.

I felt all yays after having been so productive and having a house full of all kinds of food I like. While shopping, I realized things I hadn’t put on the list, such as mandarins, edge control, a courgette, a cucumber, truffle mayonaise… Things I did not find were an infuser bottle and kruizenmunt.

After a while, I got very tired, so I’m eating late…


I need to get better at making meals for one… Or find a companion… (But the thing is that I’m kind of not (at all) interested in meeting your family and also not very much in introducing you to mine…)


Being able to set my own house policy is something I love soooooo muchhh.

Meoow I’m going to continue on my essay and get started with these box braids. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll see you tomorrow.

My websites will be down for a while though, because I’m going to do a PHP update on all of them. I’ll share on Twitter when I’ll do this. Hmmm I’ve been above personal averagely absent on Twitter. I guess reading my timeline is a bit frustrating to me, for the amount of nonsense that is considered serious facts.

Ciaooo xxx


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Capelle aan den IJssel

The featured image is a Pixabay image of a windmill.

This is my home country, but as long as the majority of Caucasian Dutch people do not understand that I have the right to be here just as much as they do, this place does not feel like home. (Yes, I wish I weren’t born here either. Take me to Planet Fang please. ๐Ÿ™ )