The cottage/cabin is exactly how I remember it. When I was younger, everything seemed a lot bigger though. To some people, this is a shed. But it’s great meoww it’s just us Catjes and the countryside. 🙂 ♥

Next to the wall, reminds me of home haha

This is where I’ll be sleeping the coming two weeks. Some days my family will be here, some days (when they’re back to work and stuff) I’ll be alone.

A huge moth just flew into this room (so my initial reaction was to hide underneath the sheets lol). But now that I want to take a picture of it to show you it’s nowhere to be found hahaha….. Maybe it’s camera shy.  (Of course I’m joking.) Ah nature. 🙂

I’ll take pictures of the cottage/cabin (it’s not all wood but it’s a lot of wood so terminology) when the sun is up. 🙂 It’s amazing how there are items from different eras here. I’ll show you what I mean, in the morning/afternoon.

Furthermore, today will be about beach yays. And buying eggs haha. And us chilling. 😻

The featured image is made by Travis Rupert on Pexels

Good night for now ♥

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😐 😐

I want to go to sleep but it’s loudly flying against everything as if it’s drunk haha. I’d rather not touch it to make it stop bothering me though so I’m going to shut the ligt off and try to fall asleep. xxx

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Good afternoon 🙂 ♥

You can find me here 😸

Mind you that there is no wifi here. 🙂 It’s part of the yaysss.

Hehe the TV (of which I insist that it won’t be used meow grrr) makes that high pitched noise old TV’s make. ♥

The kitchen used to be wayyy different. It’s modernized now. 🙂

There are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom I’ll show you when I’m here alone.

Staying here feels a little adventurous meow I’m loving ittt. There’s great diversity in the types of holiday destinations I’ve visited. A few years ago we spent two weeks in the British Colonial Hilton on the Bahamas. Now I’ll chill in this cabin for two weeks. 🙂 I’m a greater fan of comfort (and luxury), but can find my appreciation in everything. There’s so much nature to cycle through here and I can go to the beach every day now. 😻

Plus I love to adapt. Like in Belgium I say “u” to everyone regardless of age, here I brush my teeth in the kitchen sink. To me that’s the Dutchest thing ever haha love ittt.

I’m going to get ready. I’ll be back with my beach yays when I’m at the beach yayy. ♥ (Ahahaha my way of typing is so random but it will sound normal when I pronounce it meow I promise. 😂 )

27 degrees Celcius today. 😀

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It’s the shaded Sun Hat Fangs 😸

We’re at a fish restaurant/café now 🙂

Beach yays will follow. We’re at the touristic beach now though because the calm one isn’t reachable by bike and my grandma doesn’t cycle.


Pinot yays 😸

After I’ve eaten my “Noordzee proeverij”. 🙂

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Sun blue sky

The sun is shining bright 🙂

It’s the Beach Fangsss yayayay

Keynes book

My beach read 🙂

We’ll be catching some vitamin D here and later be visjes. 😀

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I’m losing subscribers meoow what should I do? 🙁 Reading Keynes makes me want to continue my series of articles. Though I write it to start a discussion among a various range of people and the anticipation isn’t there. That’s because I’m The Fangs, isn’t it? 🙁 Meoow that won’t change so I’ll just get some titles in front of my name and then prove that the content is the only thing that truly matters and things like names, logos, fonts, choice of color et cetera are way overrated. (Understanding a concept isn’t something that’s easy for everyone and that’s why looks/layout are overrated. But I’m tired of adapting meow. (Simplifying things further and further and further.) 🙁 Not that I’ll ever stop with that it seems…)

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Seriously thoughh how can I turn my concept in something that can attract a large audience? Or more preferably 3% of the world population’s most intelligent people?

Is it my fake enthusiasm? 🙁 Once I start earning my own stacks you’ll see my real yays… I think my scrutiny comes with a form of pessimism that is quite a turn-off so I’m trying to hide it and be yay already…

Can we talk about this? Please don’t leave me, my Catje. 🙁 ♥

Meanwhile I’m at the beach solo, while my mother, sister and a friend of hers are grocery shopping here and my grandmother is at a beach café because her endurance can’t bring her to the location where we settled ourselves.
What did I do to deserve this relaxation meoww part of me feels like I should have gone with?

Beach items

Beach itemsss

Lil descending Sun. Meoww I want to be able to tell the time by the Sun’s elevation. 🙂

I’ll be reading somee my battery is low now.

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