For (far) more than a year now, I’ve been trying to treat people equally and introduce a concept that could change all of our lives for the better. What I received in return, was:

  • Being falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  • A lot of ridiculing.
  • 0 respect.
  • People I thought I could trust, turning their backs on me.
  • Tons of unsolicited advice. [As if they know my concept better than I do? Is it because I’m female? Go start your own organization?]
  • People fucking reselling my first book ( = against the law), without sharing the income ( = fucking insane).
  • An disgusting amount of discouraging monologues.

I couldn’t be dissapointed in mankind more than this. I bet those people who I want to kill are laughing at my misery. I won’t have it.

Of course, I will continue writing and researching. My publishing agenda will not change. My plans for changing the world will not change either.

(By changing the world, I just mean treating nature better. I really do not want every single individual to live in luxury and shit. Fuck that 10000%!!!What I want to do is unite the most intelligent beings world wide (regardless of their income) and live with them, in a society that is ruled over by D.O.C.I.S. International. And kill the rest, because they’re not good to nature.)

All you’ll see here, are the most Graey expressions of societal reform. I’m going to stop dumbing down my content, because the people I was doing that for, will never participate anyway. I really do not want those people in my life. I also really want to move to a deserted area, where my chances of meeting another dumb person like that are kept to a minimum.

I refuse to be another business that is ass kissing consumers. D.O.C.I.S. International is an exclusive product, of which its availability depends on intelligence.

My cold case lives on. Everyone just gazes at how I struggle with life, my jaw locked out of anger 24/7, in between suicidal tendencies and wanting to kill everyone who has ever said anything (even slightly) hateful to me.

Not one individual has published more free content than I, so some respect would be highly appreciated.

I’m glad I haven’t published my best work yet. Know that will be priced very high and that it will be very exclusive. And you will not be able to illegally download it! 🙂

God damn I want to fucking move out to the United States (if not my own island) and do business with intelligent Graeynissis…

And when I say that to any fucking dumb snake I know, they say: “But that is impossible. So just start working in the Netherlands.” No? I deserve way better?

My fighting process continues – for the legal fight I want to start is so expensive that no job in the Netherlands is effective. I hope someone can see that death is my only solution to this problem, and I can only be saved by people with serious money, serious brains and serious power.

The most serious part of my cropped up anger, is that if those who have destroyed me emotionally and who are destroying our planet [AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME], ever get prosecuted and exposed for the shit they have been doing, I will never be at peace, unless I am the one who takes their lives. That is what this bloodlust is doing to me. That is what you are feeding, if you think of me as a joke.

The featured image is made by Ahmed Adly.