I’ve been thinking out my boropasi to climb up the academic ladder. Boropasi (with the “B” from “Book”, the “O” from “Order”, the “R” from “Rotterdam”, another “O” from “Order”, the “P” from “Pasta”, the “A” from “Dwaas” (as far as I know, English does not have a word with the A-sound from “boropasi”), the “S” from flattening tyre (lol yesssss), and the “I” from “Receive”) means “sluiproute”, “shortcut”, in Sranan Tongo (“my dialect” (I am not that fluent in)). Specifically the type of shortcut where one maneuvers through rural lands or residential areas, making the passenger travelling with the local think “Is this really the way there…?” Yes, it’s just a boropasi.

My love,

Last night I visioned a way to climb up the academic ladder in a way that genuinely resembles academic skill and that also suits my specific situation (as in it’s not really something any student could do, which is what I need because I need to be able to claim the exception). There’s some fine-tuning that needs to be done for the concept still, though. Let me first tell you how I got there…

Granny Turned 83

It was my grandmother’s 83rd birthday yesterday, of which the celebration started around 5 PM. My mother and I scheduled, about a week ago, to go for lunch the same day. But in the meantime so many tasks came up…

Like getting these rails to het milieupunt (in the Netherlands because in Belgium it’s more expensiveΒΏ In the Netherlands it’s “free”(though WOZ belasting is paid), as well as my empty cans of paint and my (more than 30 years) old rice cooker that broke down two nights ago.

Like an estafette because they were too tall for the elevator. I hold this then my mother walks to the stairs below to hold them so I can walk to the stairs below, et cetera.

On a windy way to the Netherlands

Together with our new friendΒ  on my mother’s scarf (travelling with an open window haha)

Yay technology πŸ˜€

And getting these groceries I can’t find in Belgium.

That will be some dinner on Monday meowwww

And I had to go past Rabobank to finally cancel that Elia PR bank account. (Turned out that when I called the help desk on Thursday, though my balance was – €1, I was sent cancellation forms. I thought they couldn’t send it without my balance on €0.) When I got to my parents’ house, the cancellation forms were there. (Posted right before going for the train. πŸ™‚ )


For lunch we had a Subway steak & cheese sandwich in the car haha.

At my parents’ house after doing all that, my grandmothers and a friend of my sister were there. We were chatting. Later my aunt and cousin came. Later my sister and her boyfriend. By that time we still hadn’t heard that the Surinamese home cooked-style food we ordered was ready. It was already paat 8 and my train left at 10 PM. πŸ™ By the time we got the food my mother dropped me off at Rotterdam Centraal, with my dinner in my bag, just a few minutes early for my train. πŸ™

In the train, I drafted my academic boropasi. (Coming up with the name this morning.) Hungry, I ate at home.


Really short drafty

It was tasty but now I really need a Basic Fit membership (though I will get that once I get my stu-fi about which I also have something to say later in this post) for eating past 11 PM again. x_x


At once, it is my aim to:

  • Be challenged
  • Achieve academic acknowledgement (with a title)
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Work on a new project (in which the 3-year curriculum is implemented)

With my boropasi, I could do this in a lot less than 3 years. If my professors (basically all of them) accept my proposal. That proposal consists of 4 parts.


And I really need to put an extra layer of blackboard paint on my wall. x_x

  1. My motivation
    About who I am and why I am doing this.
  2. Previous works
    An overview of what I’ve been writing about – including part 2 of Evolving Individualism in the 9 – 5 Economy which will be online by the time I hand this in – with a selection of essays in the appendix. This is the main thing that distinguishes me from other students. (What I’ve written about Keynes and Evolving Individualism, basically. Maybe also my Business Overture…)
  3. Implementing the Curriculum
    An overview of the way I will use theories from each subject in practice in this project. For some I will be answering self-stated research questions like these:

    For others I will be implementing knowledge into D.O.C.I.S. International.

  4. “The Deal”
    I hope to publish the essays written in context of the curriculum can be published as a book that is reviewed (and co-written) by my professors. What would be even cooler is if they would also publish (some of) their own (pending) works with D.O.C.I.S. International. And to do a film project when the book is out.
    And that by the end of all that I may be called prof. dr. ir. Illuminatus Intelligens Fangs. And attract investors.

Though my last post I said that I want to hand this in on Monday. My aim will be to hand it in the Monday after that. Let me catch up with what I missed the past 2 weeks, work this proposal out in peace (not longer than 5 pages excluding appendices), and live a short student experience (going to the introduction week of the African Youth Organization starting Monday) before I hopefully change (and take control of) my study experience.

My mother warned me they could tell me that I should skip my side projects and just be a regular student for three years, and that I should consider talking to a study advisor. It has incentivized me to look at the bright side of starting to hand out my proposal a Monday later. Only a professor could make me a professor, so no need for a study advisor. (Maar gerichter en schematischer te werk gaan om een herhaling van 2017 te voorkomen. πŸ™‚ )

Meowww I will be mopping the floor and cleaning the toilet and stuff… And having dinner… After that, I have some more things I would like to share. About the planned reform of the study finance system, about my recent activity on Twitter, about my furniture, about a potential birthday party, about my Tantalus torment love feelings, et cetera. (Ah and by the way I got that psychiatric phone call Friday at almost five, when I was taking a long nap, waking up past their office hours. So I will call back on Monday.)Β  πŸ™‚


17:27 (05:27 PM) [GMT -2]
Kievitwijk, Antwerpen


It has come to my attention that the system of study finance has been discussed in Dutch politics quite often lately, as a terrible mistake that should be reversed immediately. That it causes stress for students, is the argument used to defend that most often.

It might cause stress, but they all know what they have gotten themselves into, so I don’t see why that should be a reason to abolish it? I know the risk I’m taking. People saying that “That is a lot of money that has to be paid back,” are like students being told that after 1 year they will get a test about 100 pages, and then 2 days before the test say that 100 pages is too much for a test. We have been well informed. (Including the interest rate that could skyrocket out of nowhere.)

With my boropasi and other plans, I am working hard to be able to pay it back. And so are many others.

(Not saying that it was not a terrible idea to create this much debt for both students and the government. But now that it is here…)

I hope that by reversing it, they will re-introduce “de basisbeurs”, or something else “low-risk”, for future students. For current students, I don’t recommend to force them to the same switch. Because people like I build on that loan system now. I can’t pay my rent and other bills if they’d suddenly say: “Zooo kijk eens Dominique hier €350 per maand helemaal van jou. πŸ™‚ ”

I really wonder what their plans for transition will be. I will be watching closely…

Keti Koti

Another thing I’ve heard is that Prime Minister Rutte has been, by mister Kuzu from the DENK party, asked to attend the coming edition of Keti Koti. I wonder what his response will be. It’s something controversial – for the Netherlands denies being racist so then he can’t say no to this right, but if he says yes then he will get racists all over him saying things about betrayal I’m sure (though people are always calling him all kinds of things anyway so I would go if I were him) – so I really wonder how he will go about this.

If he would go then it would finally be forced to be taken seriously nationally. Watching it last year was hard (can’t get rid of that image of that interviewer trying to force someone to say “I love chicken” and Surinamese nationalism was inappropriate as well. It should be about multicultural unity and equality). If he goes then I want to go too. (As his friendly +1 yay. πŸ˜€ Could my boropasi make that possible? )

Twitter Activity

A few nights ago, I had one of those nights where I couldn’t sleep and tweeted whatever came to mind all night long. Followed by expressing my frustration from uni being less challenging than I expexted. And then venting frustration about how most people don’t like to use their brains after seeing so many non-interested students.

Note to self: I should stop venting these things on Twitter because people do not understand.

En het komt ook heel anders uit de verf wanneer het in 140 tekens is samengevat.

May my boropasi lead me to people who do care. And only people who do care. Non-interested people are very toxic.

Where’s my Fauteuil?

As you may have noticed, a lot of furniture from the design I drafted in the blog post before I moved in here actually is in my apartment. Simultaneously, a lot of things are not. Things I have been drooling over, such as a big carpet and a red fauteuil. Both in the living room.

I still intend to add those things to my apartment. It just needs to wait until I have money like that to spend (again)… Hopefully my boropasi will add to this. πŸ™‚

Throwing a Party?

I’ve already said that I’d rather not celebrate my birthday. But quite some people would like to visit my new place, plus my studies, so best would be to have everyone visit me when I throw a birthday party the weekend of November 1st. A party on the roof of the building I live in.

Though I don’t know though. I don’t feel emotionally ready to be smiling and entertaining guests and giving house tours. So much I don’t want to discuss happened since the last party I threw. Plus I can’t invite Tishe and my B πŸ™ . And Antwerp is far from where most people I’d invite live.

But I’ve already been told that it’s easy to put the party tent we have at home up on the roof top. And it would be a housewarming at the same time. Plus there are hotels next to the building I live in so the drunks could stay there lol. And most of all, my parties are often so busy that discussing the past is quite impossible. I’ll be chatty all over the place.

Ah by the way, I wonder how my boropasi will influence my regular schedule. Like will I still have to be a regular student? Or (big yays) will I be surrounded by Graeynissis only?

Meanwhile I have washed, dried and put away the dishes, shut off the lights in the living room et cetera. The idea of throwing a party going through my mind as I was doing these things. I think I should go really for it. Soon. I think it will be fun. And should start claiming people’s agendas for a trip to Antwerp like tomorrow. I’ll ask the facility manager what the procedure is for throwing rooftop parties, and inform my neighbors with a letter.

PartyFangs ayyy she hopes to see you. πŸ™‚ Though again I should be careful, because no Project X type of things. But you’re welcome if you know how to find me. πŸ™‚


These love feelings seem to get more serious by the day. Because every day, more and more I see that there is no one like him.

I wonder if he thinks of me the way I think of him. And if he still visits my blog.

This is a Tantalus torment to me, because every time I zone out (and do not focus on the Head Cuddle lol) and every time I lay down, I get lost in the fantasy I have of him. We have the type of love I wish I had with my ex. A respectful, sweet and passionate type of love. I don’t know if that will ever be, or if it will just stay this fantasy. That is what makes this the most Tantalus-ish. I wonder if my boropasi can contribute to seeing him again. (And/or be my birthday guest omg meowww.)

It is that night again. Taking a bath seems to have become a Sunday night thing.

Not long before undressing, I took this picture

Without eating tiramisu this time. πŸ™‚

I have a lecture tomorrow at 08:30 and I’ll be zen soaking for a little while longer. See you tomorrow.


00:06 (12:06 AM) [GMT -2]
Kievitwijk, Antwerpen