By now it must be clear that it is over. My plan has been fully executed. 2019 is the last year in which online “existence” has any type of value. (After which it won’t matter whether the majority of people in society is long gone or not.)

My love,

I once wrote a book titled Patient Number 7 (Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 1 before I unpublished it), to raise awareness on the injustice I have lived through, expecting a(n inter)national apology, as well as to collect data needed for peaceful societal reform.

After that, I started, to keep my audience updated with my progress after initiating this plan. You have seen me live through plenty of killing spree worthy externally influenced traumatic situations.

The choice has been given to participate for the redemption of soul, or to solely spectate and face the consequences.

read at your own risk by now it must be clear that it is over

Let’s dance #2020

I assume that by now it must be clear that it is over. I have explained how I wanted to reform society with that data collection, without the actual data, for there was no participation at all. So now we will simply execute our heist-like strategy without being able to adapt ourselves to the needs of the sheep-like dumb motherf****** we want dead anyway. 😡

In other words: there will be no more new posts. 😡

(Though I thought that this was clear since my previous post) I have not only made my strategy clear, but I have made clear which real-life people I have been referring to with “fantasy names”. So I will now, simply because I feel that my words reach my Graeynissis when I write, keep adding updates to A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft, until I know whether they accept my offer or not. The end of this exhausting website.

I love you ♥