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Fangs’s Dictionary

All of these words (except “un-cuddle”, “un-meow” and “flèh”) are never used in a negative context.  Cishe Plural: Cishes “Mag ik een Cishe?” (= “May I have a Cishe?”) [Noun] A kiss Cuddle Plural: Cuddles “That’s so Cuddle!” “You’re my Cuddle.” [Noun] Someone you’re very passionate about [Noun] Someone you…

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An Introduction to Project Nosce Te Ipsum

The chapters in this article are the introductions of two previously deleted Nosce Te Ipsum episodes. They very indirectly show that the actual content of project Nosce Te Ipsum depends on societal demand, which will be defined by “The Simulator”. The Mission Hi sweetie! How are you doing today? I…

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The Future of Mass Enlightenment

The minds of many people in modernized societies are occupied with life in a professional environment, information disseminated by mass media and social media as an extension of their personal life. Within this type of reality of an individual, new concepts are introduced every day. New (sustainable) products, new online…

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The Assignment

You have to hire people to achieve your goals. Pick people. The way you’re going to achieve your goals I have set out for you, if you don’t mind…

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“Fangs”: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

22:06 (10:06 PM) Hi Cuddle What did you have for dinner today? Another nice day has passed. I had breakfast around nine. I had a bagel, of which I put strawberry jam on one side and apple jam on the other. Actually, I wanted to have strawberry jam on both….

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Table Of Theses Topics Covered In Nosce Te Ipsum III

Subject Thesis subject (Fangyist) History »       Keeping Planet Fang’s history up-to-date »       Correcting for the asynchrony in international history (People contributing to S.I.P.O. tell me what they know about international history, A.I. reads it and categorizes it.) »       Nosce te Ipsum »       A male first lady »       The solution to…

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

16:35 (04:35 PM) Hi Cuddle, What were you doing before you started reading this? Unfortunately, my alarm didn’t go off today. I had one on at 08:40 AM, but apparently it was an alarm that only goes off on Mondays… I only had money for dinner, so I skipped breakfast…

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Nosce Te Ipsum, Episode 1

Do you know this “That moment when you stumble upon someone’s account and scroll down their entire timeline, not knowing that person, but knowing that he/she went to Spain in 2012?”-meme/quote? I want to be that person, to you. I have so much I want to share with you! The…

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V. Bonus Rebel

I had to find a way to proclaim that we are supposed to live a different life. Then, a magic sound gave me an epiphany. I’m kind of insecure about my voice, you see. But then I heard… My favorite artist. His topics are so diverse. Politics, spitituality…  How can…

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IV. Mad Fangs

What time are we leaving? Where are we going? I don’t care. As long as I’m with you.  They don’t want me to clear my name. They like to see me suffer. Anything for good gossip. They have no other topic. But I’m getting tougher.  You see, I thought, in…

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III. Nerdy Smooth

Did I just see you take off your socks? Damn… Those feet…  00:12 – 00:30 piano solo Is it hot in here? Or is it just you? It must be hot because of you — I’m so happy you’re hearing me I want to talk about the attraction between us…

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II. An Overture

00:02-00:13  Please don’t focus on sound quality I had to find a way to get these words to you I’m not trying to comform myself to the standard of someone living in the spotlight It’s about the message For me to experience true freedom, you need to hear my message…

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Friday April 27, 2018

For more information on the story behind the first episode, search for the downward facing triangle on the left side of the paper. (It’s somewhere at the end.)  Haha from the “scenery around my notebook” you can see the time cheat in this “daily update”.

Nosce Te Ipsum

Draft: Het Liée (for “insider Cuddles”)

Dit wordt “het gekste artikel ooit geschreven”… Instructies voor het invullen van “Het Liée” Dus ik zit in de trein. Zodra hij begint te rijden ben ik vrij. Buy my book. Fill out the forms on (sign up, Het Liée, donation¿). Cuddle me in Paris. Or in the train……