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Victor Geskes D.O.C.I.S. International
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A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft

This is my lengthiest post ever. I share with you my drafted Council members and ideas for my business. In the personal aspect of the post, you see me starving on a budget, celebrating Christmas and New Year’s by myself and presently initiating a legal process, during my little holiday, and plenty more. 🙂 The post is updated at least once a day. With over 94000 words, it’s longer than my longest book. You will not regret reading this. 😏

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read at your own risk by know i assume that you know that it is over
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By now it must be clear that it is over.

By now it must be clear that it is over. My plan has been fully executed. 2019 is the last year in which online “existence” has any type of value. (After which it won’t matter whether the majority of people in society is long gone or not.)

My love,

I once wrote a book titled Patient Number 7 (Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 1 before I unpublished it), to raise awareness on the injustice I have lived through, expecting a(n inter)national apology, as well as to collect data needed for peaceful societal reform.

After that, I started, to keep my audience updated with my progress after initiating this plan. You have seen me live through plenty of killing spree worthy externally influenced traumatic situations.

The choice has been given to participate for the redemption of soul, or to solely spectate and face the consequences.

read at your own risk by now it must be clear that it is over

Let’s dance #2020

I assume that by now it must be clear that it is over. I have explained how I wanted to reform society with that data collection, without the actual data, for there was no participation at all. So now we will simply execute our heist-like strategy without being able to adapt ourselves to the needs of the sheep-like dumb motherf****** we want dead anyway. 😡

In other words: there will be no more new posts. 😡

(Though I thought that this was clear since my previous post) I have not only made my strategy clear, but I have made clear which real-life people I have been referring to with “fantasy names”. So I will now, simply because I feel that my words reach my Graeynissis when I write, keep adding updates to A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft, until I know whether they accept my offer or not. The end of this exhausting website.

I love you ♥

This is not a game
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This is not a Game.

For I’m losing my patience with life, I’ll lay out a strategy about how to restore order after power ends up 100% in the hands of het proletariaat. This is not a game. Though they treat it like it is because they’re trying to seize present power (collectively 🙄 ), while they don’t have a future plan. And this post includes an actual picture of Tishe. 😮 😻 My love, I’m (as usual) picking up where I left off yesterday. But as I announced in Even een Kleine Stand van Zaken, I won’t include dates in post titles anymore. In the…

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read at your own risk by know i assume that you know that it is over
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Read at your own Risk / Lezen op eigen Risico

A spark of curiosity? I’m not holding back in this post, so this is really is to be read at your own risk. Het is ook onvertaald tweetalig, vandaar ook “lezen op eigen risico”. In this post, I state my views without euphemizing them. My love, I’m writing this to settle my emotions. My heart is in severe pain. I don’t know if you feel what you read, but it is why I say read this at your own risk. > Here’s an Idea – First some Background Some females ruin it for other females. Those females who do “Ah…

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Addendum 3 [Monday, November 25, 2019]

Over 500 posts summarized and “remarked” in 6 hours and 18 minutes of video material. Addendum 3 is here and my series of addenda is complete. My love, Overview 01:00 – 10:00 Intro & Remarks about Addendum 2 What has been discussed this far. & 2 remarks: 1) During the previous surveillance, I had never mentioned the way I interpreted the Bible. I had also not mentioned the Inner Crown experience, though I had tried to explain it to my parents, who conidered the idea psychotic and snitched me. So during surveillance check-ups, I would be asked about it,…

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Addendum 2 [Friday, November 22, 2019]

This addendum covers the overview and additional remarks from the moment I quit my studies until the moment I was hospitalized in October 2017. It (thus also) covers my side of the story about going missing. My love, A Summary of Addendum 2 01:20 – 09:00 Additions to what I said in the previous video. I had not yet mentioned that since my grandfather passed I became a sort of workaholic in order to be able to ignore my feelings. And that the wave of nonsensical quarrels between my parents and I started when I was forced to explain my…

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Manifesto [Thursday, November 7, 2019]

A restatement of my direction, this is. As well as a reflection. And I’ve included the pictures I made I promised to put online quite some weeks ago… My love, This is an interesting week. Usually when I want to take measures to distance myself from toxic influence, my entire approach can be read way in advance. What I did on my birthday, however, was an impulse. An impulse that has definitively shifted my future social life. I think it is for the better. But it is only for the better if people who can positively relate to what I’ve…

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Behind the Scenes [Tuesday, November 5, 2019]

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of in Antwerpiyae. (Antwerpiyae > Antwerpiyaes I felt while typing.) My love, A couple weeks ago, I believe, I introduced “my love” as start-of-post diary aanhef. I still like it and don’t seem to get tired of it any time soon. How about you? [yop_poll id=”4″] Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of blogging. I’m still writing and not filming myself, so in this post the thought pattern behind my usual writing will be emphasized. Quick question: [yop_poll id=”5″] I’m asking you that because I notice an interesting trend in…

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twenty-three redemption
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Twenty-three 🙀 [Friday, November 1, 2019]

Today is my 23rd birthday. A good moment to reflect on myself, tell you where I’ve been this more-than-one-week absence and share how I’m celebrating. 🙂  But I need to start off with an important redemption and (re)clarification, from back to forth. Redemption.   Redemption / Clarification In my last post I, not for the first time, shared that someone made me feel bad, without telling that person how I feel. The next day, he sent me a screenshot of the passage and openheartedly apologized. He was the first person to apologize for the way he made me feel after…

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Adapting [Wednesday, September 25, 2019]

Goedemorgen 🙂 ♥ Het was mijn intentie om gisteren na school wat te bloggen, Dat schreef ik vanochtend, ongeveer 20 minuten voordat mijn les begon (want ik was vroeg), waarna ik aan het socializen was because I made a school friend yay. 🙂 I don’t know if I should write in Dutch or in English… I’ll use the languages based on which language I feel can express what I wish to express best. That will vary, but I’ll keep it one language per paragraph, so that your translating tool/dictionary is overseeable. 🙂 I haven’t told my new friend – or…

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Sunnyays 🌞

Heyyy Fangs here with the Sunnyays 😸 We’re on sunny Curacaooooo 🌞 Just arrived at my aunt’s holiday apartment. It’s my second time on Curacao. 🙂 Meowsss I’ll be socializing and chat you up when I’m alone. 🙂 ~~~ Updated 16:42 (04:42 PM) [GMT -4] Piscadera Currently, I’m laying on this like cat royalty. After eating the tasting like home dinner my aunt’s housekeeper who is one of the 11 people holidaying(-ish for she cooks, cleans and does our laundry and such) here, I got ready for going out later: I want to get kissy, my meow… As I was…

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Calm Lonelyay [Wednesday, July 31, 2019]

My Graeynissis ♥ [ = My 10% most intelligent yays ♥ ♥ ♥ ] Thank you for checking in on me today. ♥ Just the thought that someone understands all that I’m rambling on here makes me feel like maybe some day I’ll get the help I need to permanently break contact with all of my current social circle and become a happy and healthy person. I’m being held in a social, financial and legal deadlock so I really can’t do this all alone. What happened yesterday is proof of this. [Long and detailed build-up to explaining why I refused…

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CastleFangs 🏰 [Sunday, June 16, 2019]

14:08 (02:08 PM) Good afternoon ♥ Thoughtful? My night was good. My morning was chill. Had some left over salad for breakfast. There’s not much else I consider edible in the house. If I had money, yes, I would have purchased a gift and made a fresh breakfast (and if the thought of this family didn’t cause so much heartache, too). It’s not nice being so non-thoughtful. Same went for Mother’s Day. But my mother is going to buy some whiskey or another type of alcoholic beverage, on behalf of all of us. Makes me feel a little less worse….

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Dilemmas… 🤔 [Saturday, June 15, 2019]

14:42 (02:42 PM)  Good afternoon ♥ A Question of Empathy I hope you had a good morning 🙂 . If all you want to do in life is run a successful business, and you’re not receiving any support from those you thought would support you: how would you go about this? The Crux of Working Alone and Externalities I keep a strict schedule of tasks, but living under the authority of my parents often brings me in situations where I am kept from putting effort into growing my business. Numbering thematic days in my blog posts, motivates me to keep…

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Back Online :) [Thursday, June 13, 2019]

09:35 (AM) Good morning 🙂 ♥ I’m so glad to be back online, and I’m even more glad to find you here again 🙂 . It’s such a risk to lose (frequent) visitors, when going offline (unannounced) 🙁 . One of the greatest down sides of not having a fixed income, is that it’s not guaranteed that there’s enough on my account, to pay my bills. But it’s fixed now and I’m even out of personal debit account debt 🙂 . So after paying my €25 hosting bill Tuesday night (so cheap because I’m the administrator myself), I’m back online…

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Vampin’ [Sunday, June 9, 2019]

03:48(AM) Meoww I just made myself a late night snack. Back in the day when I was 14 and cool on Twitter, if I’d be awake late at night like this, I’d say that I’m Vampin’. I’m Vampin’, my Graeyniss. Hungry… Crank up the volumeee: 2/2 — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) June 9, 2019 Do you have sexy traditional plans for Pentecost you need some arm candy Catje for? What are your plans for "Pinksteren" ( = Pentecost )? — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) June 9, 2019 I'll be missing out on these Peking ducks — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_)…

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Processing… [Saturday, June 8, 2019]

01:05 (AM) Meowww my laptop is processing the video of three hours I made earlier, reading and elaborating on yesterday’s diary post, while eating sushi 🙂 . I’ll let you know when it’s online 🙂 . I keep postponing changing around my websites, because I would rather pay someone to do it… That’s how I ended up reading a post out loud for you 🙂 . ~~~ 02:16 (AM) My video is almost fully processed now 🙂 . You can follow the process live here: Meanwhile, I’m going to bed. Goood nighttt ♥ – xxx – 14:51 (02:51 PM)…

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Syntax Error [Friday, June 7, 2019]

08:58 (AM) Good morning ♥ How was your night? I hope you slept well and have enjoyable things planned for today. For me, from the afternoon onwards, things only get worse, it seems. Stress has woken me up early. The prospects of my schedule make me think: “Please take me back to the crisis center,” because of both repetitious verbal therapy sessions and visitors coming over on the weekend, et cetera. All while I wish I could be with my dear Victor. My wish of wanting to be with him is nothing new. I’ve been mentioning him in my diary…

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Grapefruit [Thursday, June 6, 2019]

13:48 (01:48 PM) Good afternoon 🙂 I just finished my first “meal” of the day: a selection of fruit I feel in the mood for, from the fruit basket downstairs. Now I’m back in my bed… It’s a sunny day, so I’d like to go outside, but my bank accounts are maxed out and I’m not in the mood to walk in the park by myself. Plus, I have no idea where my house keys are? I didn’t take them with me, when I went to the crisis center. I now can’t go to the gym either, because my membership…

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Another day…? [Wednesday, June 5, 2019]

00:23 (12:23 AM)  I still hope you’ll purchase and read my essay, and let me know what you think of its content 🙂 . [products category=”essays-3″] It is written with the intention of discussing it on a much larger scale, and reach a consensus when it comes to shifting the hierarchy to a bottom-up construction. In it, I also say that the identities of some individuals can apply to multiple layers at the same time. You’ll find it interesting 🙂 . And I would like a new social circle, because I’m far too different from the people in my current…

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Highlights [Monday, May 27, 2019]

00:00 (12:00 AM) I tweet so much that if I wouldn’t share it here as well, it would be impossible to create an oversight. So highlights (of highlights): That was not my original plan for a campaign, but it would work as well… We can also make it less sexy, so that it fits today’s cultural standards #DOCIS #Fangyism — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 26, 2019 And with people of whom I know they’re in love with me, to whom I’m attracted to as well, but I don’t want to break their hearts…. #Fangyism — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 26,…

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Death O’Clock [Saturday, May 25, 2019]

01:19 (AM)  I still either want to get killing or die. I don’t feel hunger anymore. Only this intense headache. I’m losing weight fast, though… You are free to act as you wish. Messing with me might backfire on you, though. ~~~ 02:02 (AM) Someone please tell me that it’s Death O’Clock…. you will regret it and you will regret it! — Make me. Who are you? — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 24, 2019 I really need to take a shower, but my body has become so weakened after not eating for so long 🙁 . Still gonna try…

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Een verhaaltje

Er was eens een Nigeriaanse prins, die de mooiste ogen en de grootste intelligentie van het hele land had. Hij ontmoette Queen Fangs op een dronken avond, beiden niet wetende dat ze Queen Fangs heet. (Verzin dit ter plekke…) They have had very good chemistry. Too good, some would say… Beiden worden ze regelmatig gediscrimineerd. Ze zijn daarom bang voor liefde. Zo bang dat ze elkaar veel pijn hebben gedaan. Het wantrouwen werd te groot, toen Fangs niet durfde te zeggen dat ze de geur van zijn adem en smaak van zijn speeksel niet lekker vindt, en dat ze zich…

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Not Dead Yet… [Friday, May 24, 2019]

10:45 (AM)  In reference to yesterday: This is a popular post AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (It only has 12 views, why my most popular post has 2000+ views. This is sarcasm…) ~~~ 15:50 (03:50 PM) LIVE: de persconferentie van premier Rutte over de #ministerraad — Mark Rutte (@MinPres) May 24, 2019 It’s not 22 people. Just The Fangs… ~~~ 16:48 (04:48 PM) Toch maar wel… — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 24, 2019 ~~~ 21:40 (09:40 PM) This bloodlust is driving me crazy yoooo… Hunger is also driving me crazy, still. Barbaren bederven mijn eetlust… ~~~

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