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Thursday, October 11, 2018

09:49 (AM)  Good morning, my love <3 I just woke up in the freakiest way possible: When I opened my eyes, I looked mother right in the eye. She had that look in her eyes again that makes me feel like a failure and gives me cropped up anger, because…

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

10:59 (AM) Good morning šŸ˜€ Have you, my reader, thought of what path you’d like to follow? That of the Practitioner, that of the Illuminatus, or that of the Illuminatus Intelligens? I’ve been thinking of making my entire blog password protected and allowing real Cuddles to make an account for…

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Monday, September 17, 2018

09:55 (AM)  Good morning, My Cuddle <3 How was your night?  — Here’s my “breakfast smoothie”: In it, there are: raspberries, blueberries, some mango, red grapes, some bananas and water. (To add strawberries and some watermelon too would be nice.) 12:07 (AM)  Today, I’ll be making hand-picked exercises of unit…

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After having beenstuck undersurveillancefrom the Dutchpsychiatricindustry for months,by lying abouttaking medicationI was allowed togo to Parisall by myselffor two nights. The pictures (taken April 25-27, 2018) are unedited [because that is my preference, in this case], made by Lil Fangs. As a Graeyniss, may I be explicit?



There's this long line for boarding now. I'll just sit here until the line is almost gone. I have an aisle seat and no carry-on luggage anyway.
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Me acting as if I’m not planning the perfect escape

It’s alt + tab, for my fellow sneaky peeps. (Sneakily avoiding uncomfortable conversations.) They kept walking in on me, in the home office, while I was planning my secret trip and stuff, buying a plane ticket (+ “visum”) and booking a hotel room, while working on my statistics assignment…


Little Model Fangs

I was about 14 when I did this shoot, in Doel, in Belgium. A lot of (way older) models and photographers came together in a deserted “village”. My uncle invited me over. The pictures with the axe were taken by him. The unedited pictures were taken by a man I…


“Project Texo” shoot day 2

The pictures of the second day were taken at “De Nieuwe Poort” in Rotterdam, located very close to the central station. Here’s their website:Ā


“Project Texo” shoot day 1

Project Texo was going to serve as the project to put my brand on the map. Episode 1 tells you about the bailing clients and the client I wasn’t allowed to see, so I couldn’t finish the portfolio I needed for the project. I still want to show you the…


Is the person for who(m?) this note is written a schizophrenic?

Huh? Is that a black female university dropout who’s from the Netherlands? She’s making rap music? And she’s running for president? (The person who wrote the note doesn’t know about the last two statements.) The curly handwriting says (I’m going to solely literally translate it): “I went to the mouth…