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Toch Maar Wel? [Thursday, March 14, 2019]

17:27 (05:27 PM)  My Cuddle! ♥ I have missed you far too much!!! I never want to feel like that again 🙁 . I’m going back to writing diary posts.  So many feelings were left unexpressed, when I decided to hold myself from doing it. I had a lot of extra time to think and strategize, though, so I have a lot to tell you 🙂 .  The impulse to re-open my diary, popped up ten minutes ago, as I looked outside, through the gap through which I can see the sky, in the blinds-shut bedroom I have claimed, here…

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Untitled Reflection #1

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be in sight. Those two years of restless nights, could finally show its merit!  My strategy for rapid but peaceful global change, is narrowed down to something anyone else could understand, now. So I’m so glad that I’ve sent my Overture to Funding Options…  One of their specialists has forwarded it to three different potential investors (two crowdfunding platforms and one individual). I’ll have to convince them that this will earn their investment back… I live for this, and I’ve developed a zillion strategies for that one strategic endeavor, so…

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“The usual way to live life” must change, one day. No more unwanted routines. We’ll bounce back. “School, work, dying” can’t be the purpose of life. I’ll prove it. Developing a new standard. It’s more than just a dream. With this political hack, we’ll change tracks. The assemblance of a revolutionary team. A form of leadership, combined with individual influence rights, in a way you’ve not yet seen. Could we celebrate with cognac? And create some peace of mind, for this eleutheromaniac. The featured image is made by Kaniz Seikh, downloaded from The pink water reminds me of Eleuthera’s…

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Looking at Markets Differently [Keynes: Part 1]

We were all born into a world that was already shaped, before we got here. We didn’t have to figure everything out from scratch. Language and the monetary system, for example, were already here, before we got here. Our predecessors have left us the knowledge their legacies were based on, which we learn in our education programs, to keep the world spinning. They have introduced us to a way to interpret life, which has held up for decades. Even though some of their concepts have even evolved into far more modern ones, the foundation has not changed. That it lasts…

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Introducing MacroFangs :D

For every subject field the to be established version of D.O.C.I.S. International touches on, I’ll be writing a (theoretical) blog series. The first one is called MacroFangs 😀 . This is part of Project Nosce Te Ipsum. Such big fangs? Yes! Usually, when a single business is analyzed, microeconomic theories are applied. But in this case, because of the intended size of operations, the types of services intended to be offered, and its to be established economical and legal individuality, macroeconomics will apply to this business concept as well 😀 . To make sure that I use understandable language for my…

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Volta’s Plan B in Practice

Have you ever encountered setbacks, while you’re working towards something that lies very close to your heart? This method will get you back on track in no time! Volta’s Plan B is focused on recovery from setbacks and keeping you in control of your own path. In this post, I’m applying the method to my own life. Consider the method in Volta‘s first part, the 1.0 version of the method. There are some postulates in the book, about which I would very much appreciate the feedback of those who have read the book. If they suit the perception of the…

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

00:26 (12:26 PM)  I’ve never been so motivated to work 😀 . Just the idea of living somewhere I don’t know anyone and no one knows me, makes me wettttt. It’s just better for my character, my future, and the awful flashbacks of my past…  The day before yesterday, I’ve sent out two applications – and worked on Volta’s Plan B – but today (after sleeping) I’ll do the rest! Hopefully it won’t be necessary, though…  Being an online redactor for a classical music radio station, suits me quite well. A tamed rational mind with my character, would go for that. And…

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

05:28 (AM)  My love!♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ ♥ I’m only saying that because I love you! Not because I like commercialized holidays x_x. No! It’s because you’re my one true love and I’m doing everything to keep us together for all eternity! All I can do, is think of you! I can’t wait to hold you, softly squeeze you, because I love you so much that I want us to melt into one person [unfortunately, that’s not possible], and hear your heart beat, as we spend some time in complete silence, because it feels so unreal that we’re finally…

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Volta in a Simple Diagram

That diagram describes your future! Volta is all about defining what brings you eternal happiness, and formulating a strategy to get there. Plan A can be anything. Your ultimate dream strategy! Let’s say you would be eternally happy, if you move to a different country. [Extreme example:] Plan A may be being flown there by your favorite idol, and him/her giving you a fully furnished house and your dream job. If that hasn’t happened by the deadline you have set for yourself, it’s time to switch to plan B. In plan B, you shouldn’t count on anyone, but yourself. As…

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

00:05 (12:05 AM)  There are people walking in noww. Haha I feel like a little gogo dancer here in the DJ booth.  Here’s a veryyy short video of Jamiro and I, captured just now: Haha hold upp my glass is empty xxx ~~~ 00:32 (12:32 AM)  Haha tipsy statistics with Lil Fangs :D. Tipstatistics… Tipstatisctsy….  Meoww the booth is the safest place. No harassment. Some private dancing space. Overviewing all movement in this cosy club… I love it 😀 . Hire me for this? Gogo Fangs 😀  ~~~ 02:30 (02:30 AM)  [THIS IS SO DOUBLE] Meoow this party is a…

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

00:20 (12:20 PM)  Meoww my forum and online bookstore are visible online, but they’re not finished yet. There are some books I still need to add to the (e-book) store [I want to sell tangibles, too, but don’t have the funds and location for stock management, yet], add some refund policy credentials, add terms and conditions, and [the most fun part] add forum topics! I hope I’ll be able to attract Graeynissis to my forum 😻. There is so much to discuss 😻. My heart slightly fears hatred and harshness on my forum. But my comment sections are peaceful, and so should be my…

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What Not to Include in a Motivation Letter

Everything I do is very controversial. Choosing this header image of an old picture on which I do not smile, for example, could easily be misunderstood. This time, that is by means of “showing what not to do”. It is even more because I am so tired of all of those “rules” we need to follow to not be judged negatively (online). Line spacing, what to not show on the background of a picture, simplifications, consistent grammar formats…. I’m breaking a lot of those rules, because I’m tired of them. There are so many of those them, that there is…

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Sample Demo

“Sample Heaven” was what I called this at first. It was my objective (on January 3rd) to make an audio file in one day, which gives an impression of what “my sound” would sound like. This MP3 file is made with the lite version of Propellerhead’s Reason. As you might be able to hear, the limited amount of “music layers” which can be added in one file, because it’s composed with a lite version, made me get tired of the loops I put together, quite fast, so variations follow relatively fast after each other. Unfortunately, my patience and budget leave…

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A trauma

Who would you listen to? A group of people who express their care about someone, by, with a large budget, starting a campaign about how they miss someone and how that person “is now a lost cause”, because she has smoked quite a few joints, then became a lot less socially active person and decided to never come home again, or “the lost cause”, who has a very alternative view on the world and is, with a very low budget, trying to change the world, currently by legally bending the law, from her bedroom at her parents’ house? Apparently the…

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180 Days of Fangs

There’s a crucial difference between writing general self reflection and writing an online diary post, to me. It’s in the concept of time. In an online diary post, I reflect the emotions I feel – still not in the peaceful state I want them to be in – to the way I experience time as I’m writing that exact post, by means of showing a(n alternative) contemporary life – it might be interesting to reflect back on it in 10 years and see how much life has changed, hopefully with D.O.C.I.S. International – and of preserving my long and short…

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D. O. C. I. S. 

D.O.C.I.S. The abbreviation in the name of the international business I intend to start, called D.O.C.I.S. International, stands for: Determined Observant Colloquial Intelligent Stratagem   D.O.C.I.S. Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 2 Copyright © 2018 by Lil Fangs. All rights reserved. Sharing content of this book is only allowed when it is mentioned that the source is this copy. ISBN: 9789082936834 D.O.C.I.S. International   Prosperity Within the new Standard we shape Determined and Strategic Decisions, fast like Bliksem We’ll Create a whole new System From the routinous Life, this is your Escape These Words are Written for Unification Feel…

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