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Saturday, October 13, 2018

12:47 (PM)  Heey ♥  What are your plans for this weekend?  I’ll be bed petting 😋   [woaaah this is the first time for me to succeed in including an emoji that isn’t a heart!!!! I had to find how to convert unicode to html, hehe]. I think, the “priority mail”…

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

09:49 (AM)  Good morning, my love <3 I just woke up in the freakiest way possible: When I opened my eyes, I looked mother right in the eye. She had that look in her eyes again that makes me feel like a failure and gives me cropped up anger, because…

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Monday, October 1, 2018

10:53 (AM)  Good morning <3 I woke up with eyes more swollen than usual. That must have been because of the tears… Hopefully I won’t get a rant about looking high again…  Today, I’m going to give you a recipe for the best soup in the history of mankind! My…

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

[Scroll to the italics for trippy fan-fiction¿] 12:41 (PM)  Here’s a list of the ingredients I used for the rice pudding I’m eating… Right now…  Rice Almond flakes Raisins Cinnamon Vanilla essence Vanilla sugar Almond essence Sugar Cow milk I haven’t been able to break my sleeping cycle, where I…

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Monday, September 24, 2018

11:49 (AM)  My Cuddle!! <3 I have missed you soo much!! Those few days of not writing you, seemed to last forever… *Catts you* The Deleted Episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I is basically finished. And I have received my publisher’s prefix!  I’m still working on the new Nosce Te…

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A dinner sketch

I can’t sleep… I have been “distancing myself from” meat as part of my diet for about three years now [with some unfrequent exceptions…]. Yesterday, however, while gazing over the menu card, I found (medium-rare) steak the most tasty option. I will for sure be able to distance myself from…

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

11:18 (AM)  My Cuddleeeee <3 Goede bijna middag 😀 How’s your weekend?  If you’re new to Welcome, new Cuddle! <3 Thank you for your engagement <33 Yesterday, an impulse made me do some pre-marketing. I hope this will help increase web-traffic when the official release date is. (Because then,…

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

13:32 (01:32AM CEST +0 UTC?)  Good afternoon, My Meow How’s your day?  I want to insert polls in my diary posts (then it becomes more of “our diary”), but I work so much slower on my laptop… (And it’s more interactive, which would be a more fun read, I think.) …

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

09:46 (AM)  Gooood morning! <3 Let’s be cosy Bedcuddles this weekend? This because we need to save up energy, for going hammer during the Project Nosce Te Ipsum preparation weeks, starting this Monday.  18:35 (06:35 PM)  I’ll be being this Bedcuddle part-time, though. I’ve worked 8 am – 4:30 pm…

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Fresh noodles for lunch

Fresh noodles (for 4 people haha) (7), courgette (5), plantain (2), eggs (3 fry them in the same pan), tomatoes (5), cumin (4)(6), cinnamon (6), santen (4), laos (6), soy sauce (replacing salt, for me)(8), half an union (1).  The numbers indicate the order I’ve added the ingredients in.  I…

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Back At It: Thursday, July 19, 2018

16:27 (04:27 PM) Hey youuu I have missed you so much!! After my “mission” in the US, and me showing a very emotional side of myself on this blog, I told myself to not share my thoughts on this blog again. For the sake of attracting a larger audience and…

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Toast with eggs without a toaster

I don’t have a toaster here, but I felt like eating toast with fried eggs. I ended up taking out the center piece of the bread like this: Crumbing the part I had taken out, in the mixture of eggs, tomatoes, sardines and mediterranean spices. I put the pieces of…

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What I made for that visit

Pasta with paksoi and paprika. I didn’t have any other vegetables… But it’s about the combination of spices that turned out soo well: kerrie, white wine, (extra) cinnamon, creme fraîche and a stock block.

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Pasta: higher budget

When I spent two days with basically no food, I thought of what I would make if I would have an infinite budget and an infinite set of ingredients to choose from. I was still thinking of making something that is prepared quickly, so I thought of this: Pasta with…

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Pasta: fast & low budget (vegetarian)

This was by far the fastest dish I’ve ever made. I used: Pasta Grated cheese (a lot) An union Tomatoes (a lot, I used 5, but this is not “for one day”) “Sea salt with Mediterranean herbs” (the mixture I’m using also has a hint of red pepper in it)…

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Pasta (vegan): “The Last Meal” (saffron & basil + veggies)

When I cook, I always try to discover new tastes. I’ve never tried the combination of basil and saffron before. “The Last Meal” I’ve prepared for my family. Today. Last meal ever. We’ve eaten so much takeout food and many (unhealthy) restaurant dinners, I’m starting to receive complaints on my…

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Noodles: Paris, night 1

Salmon Tomatoes Mushrooms Taugé Citroengras Sel Piment rouge Zeste d’orange Sésame noir Sésame Poivre Japonais Algues Gingembre Beurre (“doux”) Noodles

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Rice: red coal, asparagus and white fish

Rode kool, asperges, tongfilet (?)[any type of white fish], white wine, cinnamon, cumin, koriander, sugar, rice, kruidnagelen, santen (“kokosblok”), unions, garlic, salt/bouillonblokje Botersaus met witte wijn en kaneel Rijst met boter, zout en kruidnagelen Gebakken tongfilet Asperges en rode kool (eerst de asperges bakken, later de rode kool toevoegen) 1)…

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Noodles: pre-dinner/”extremely late lunch”

3 eggs, an union, baby paksoi, ketjap marinade, fresh noodles (“soft noodles”), ster anijs, cajun spice, “jonnie boer”(, maggi blokje, garlic) Add the marinade after adding the noodles, if you want “a more intense taste”. After adding the paksoi, leave the whatever you want to call it on a low…

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Simple fried egg

(Got the idea to write it down while I was eating haha.) An union, four eggs, bouillonblokje, sambal, paprika(poeder)