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To make sure I answer the question: “Why do I often do, agree with or suggest things, out of politeness?”

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An Introduction to Project Nosce Te Ipsum

The chapters in this article are the introductions of two previously deleted Nosce Te Ipsum episodes. They very indirectly show that the actual content of project Nosce Te Ipsum depends on societal demand, which will be defined by “The Simulator”. The Mission Hi sweetie! How are you doing today? I…

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

20:18 (08:18 PM) Good evening <3 How was your day? There are two topics I’ll elaborate on today. One sad, one “happy”. It’s “happy” because of the paradox I’ll mention in between the topics. Yesterday I mentioned the turbulence in my life, but I didn’t elaborate on it. That’s the…

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Friday April 27, 2018

For more information on the story behind the first episode, search for the downward facing triangle on the left side of the paper. (It’s somewhere at the end.)  Haha from the “scenery around my notebook” you can see the time cheat in this “daily update”.

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Draft: Trend update

So, when social media started (for me), I was on top of “all the hypes”. I was fourteen and had a twitter account. Reflecting on all kinds of things. From politics to giving people shoutouts, while totally not reading what my “friends” are posting, but focussing on finding funny “can…

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Black Culture*

What is black culture? I can’t ask my teacher anymore… He had taught me so much. I didn’t even go to school yet, then. I could already write, though. Later, I gave my first presentation, at age 9, about the country my family is from: Surinam. My teacher had told…