Friday, June 29, 2018

Rotterdam, 07:47 (AM) I’m on my way to Den Haag again. My job interview was yesterday. When I was about to leave, I realized I couldn’t find my public transportation card. So in an impulse, I decided to take the bicycle… (Is that a “literally translated” Dutch “figure of speech”?)…


“Upgraded Mac&Cheese”

While the water for the pasta is getting heated up, chop up an union, a tomato, some old cheese, some bleu d’auvergne (or another type of blue cheese of your preference), some port salut and some machengo. If there are other types of cheese you prefer, you could use them…

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Rotterdam, 22:58 (10:28 PM) I just went for a run. (I accidentaly wrote “rum” and then backspaced it.) Tomorrow, I have a job interview in Den Haag and the deadline of my two websites (including their apps) is in two days. I haven’t had much time to write blog posts…


Wednesday May 16, 2018

10:25 (AM) Good morning, my cuddle How was your night? I’m sitting at the breakfast table now.  My sister asked me to put her phone in the charger, when my grandmother woke us up, because we had slept through the alarm (but I think I didn’t go off? My biggest…


Thursday April 19, 2018 (“Room tour”)

18:42 (06:42 PM) Another stressful day has almost passed. Also, my paperback got approved @ the Amazon catalog. So that’s nice. But I don’t have the “that’s nice” feeling. My father is fucking insane. 00:12 (12:12 AM) I’m sitting on the bench in front of the house. My sister is…