09:24 (AM)

Good morning 🙂 ♥

My night was quite good, though everything that’s going on is making me feel restless – very noticable during meditation last night.

It’s my father’s 50th birthday today, so we’re going out for dinner tonight. In the meantime I’ll spend my time creating a day-to-day schedule of business tasks for myself, starting ahead with selecting books for my store (now that I know what’s available) and working on FangCatje.

You’ll love what the store will have to offer! Not only my selection of books: the very unique way in which products will be offered: from packaging to the personalized letter on special paper, which is your order summary, to the monthly subscription you could select, receiving a selection of books every month (and then being part of the D.O.C.I.S. Book Club)!!! 😻

Yaay I’ll get listing and eating breakfast and stuff yays have a great day xxx

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18:40 (06:40 PM)

Meoww I’ve been busy doing back-end things for the D.O.C.I.S. Store, The Fangs and my blog all day. And making the list of books the D.O.C.I.S. Store will start off with 🙂 .

The D.O.C.I.S. Shelf

The product range of the D.O.C.I.S. Store is not very large – for I only sell the books I like/am interested in myself. That’s why the store part of The D.O.C.I.S. Store is called The Shelf.

With my selection, I hope to give you refreshing perspectives on life. Some books on the list are very controversial and in some countries even forbidden. That I recommend it with you doesn’t mean that I agree with the ideas and/or doctrines in every book. I’m just pushing through my propagandist agenda, wanting you to formulate your own opinion. We won’t be reading summaries and opinions about the books, but the books themselves. I would love to talk about the contents of the books in the context of today’s society and our own perception. Consider it a Neo-Renaissance, making forgotten works relive.

Here is what the D.O.C.I.S. Store will sell:

  1. Propaganda
    by Edward L. Bernays (in English)
  2. Mein Kampf / My Struggle
    by Adolph Hitler (in German and in English)
  3. Holy Bible
    the King James Version (in English)
  4. Qu’ran
    (in English…)
  5. I Always get my Sin
    by Maarten H. Rijkens (in Dutch)
  6. Bonita Avenue
    by Peter Buwalda (in Dutch)
  7. De Vrije Negerin Elisabeth / The Free Negress Elisabeth
    by Cynthia McLeod (in Dutch and in English)
  8. Letters from a Stoic
    by Lucius A. Seneca (in English)
  9. Aeneis / Aeneid
    by Publius Ovidius Naso (in Latin and in English)
  10. Il Prinipce / The Prince
    by Niccolò Machiavelli (in Italian and in English)
  11. Serotonine / Serotonin
    by Michel Houellebecq (in French and in English)
  12. Crystallizing Public Opinion
    by Edward L. Bernays (in English)
  13. Wij zijn ons Brein / We are our Brains
    by Dick F. Swaab (in Dutch and in English)
  14. Wolf
    by Gerard Reve (in Dutch)*
  15. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
    by John M. Keynes (in English)
  16. The Wealth of Nations
    by Adam Smith (in English)
  17. Van de Koele Meren des Doods / The Deeps of Deliverance
    by Frederik W. van Eeden (in Dutch and in English)
  18. Hoe Duur was de Suiker? / The Cost of Sugar
    by Cynthia McLeod (in Dutch and in English)
  19. De Zwarte met het Witte Hart / The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi
    by Arthur Japin (in Dutch and in English)
  20. The Merchant of Venice
    by Shakespeare (in English)
  21. Het Diner / The Diner
    by Herman Koch (in Dutch and in English)
  22. Twee Vrouwen / Twice a Woman
    by Harry Mulisch (in Dutch and in English)
  23. Utopia
    by Thomas More (in English)
  24. Critique of Judgment 
    by Immanuel Kant (in English)
  25. 1984
    by George Orwell (in English)
  26. Lijmen/Het Been / Soft Soap/The Leg
    by Willem Elsschot (in Dutch and in English)
  27. Tirza
    by Arnon Grunberg (in Dutch and in English)
  28. Shutter Island
    by Dennis Lehane (in English)
  29. Max Havelaar of de koffij-veilingen der Nederlandsche Handelsmaatschappy / Max Havelaar or The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company
    by Multatuli (Eduard D. Dekker) (in Dutch and in English)
  30. Eline Vere
    by Louis Couperus (in Dutch and in English)
  31. The Center of Everything
    by Laura Moriarty (in English)
  32. Doctor Faustus
    by Cristopher Marlowe (in English)
  33. Die Ringparabel / The Ring Parabola
    by Nathan der Weise (in German and in English)
  34. Quantum Consciousness
    by Stephen Wolinsky & Kristi L. Kennen (in English)
  35. Dictionaries and thesauruses in all languages of the people D.O.C.I.S. International has reached 😀

* I would love to sell this book, but it seems like it’s not available anywhere anymore. I’m lucky to own a copy of it myself. (The same goes for all of the books my grandfather has left us.)

This is what I’d like to resell to you. The book of the month/book of the season (for the Book Club), when the D.O.C.I.S. Store officially opens, will be Propaganda. The gift of the month/gift of the season will be my favorite type of brandy 😀 .

Much rather than reselling, I’d like to design my own hardcovers and write introductions for the D.O.C.I.S. International edition of these books I would like everyone on the planet to read. Many of the books on that list I know from literature classes in school. It would be so interesting to have an international discussion about the concepts in these books. 😀 😀

But to have D.O.C.I.S. International editions I need a printing press, a distribution center and staff and for that I need an investment and for an investment I need to know generous people and approachable with money and I don’t know where to find those 🙁 . So for the time being, I’ll be reselling these yays. If you pay enough, I can also include some of my own works in hardcover editions, printed out at a local print shop… Mweh my budget life x_x. But yays for my wild Propagandistness. 😀

Other Decisions

By means of saving time, I decided to not finish my self-made WordPress theme anymore. I’m not getting it the way I want it to look anyway, for I’m not a professional programmer or anything. And I have quite a few unused premium WordPress themes I haven’t been making use of, so until I have my staff and financial support, I better use those… The Fangs now has a pretty theme 🙂 .

Meowss I have a lot more to tell you, but we’re going out for birthday dinner now and my brain is fried from sitting behind this laptop screen alllll day.

Oh quickie. I’ve set some deadlines:

  • FangCatje: July 9th
  • The D.O.C.I.S. Store: July 20th
  • D.O.C.I.S. International: July 19th
  • The Fangs: September 1st

Bis später xxx