02:35 (AM)

I feel like making kruidkoek today 🙂 .

No news from my mother yet. I don’t want to sound like a stalker, though. Asking soo much of her time to fix some issue of mine, in which I’m indirectly legally limited – after the whole fucking unnecessary police search thing – so dependency.

I still need

  • Mathematical model of Fangyist labor (processable in mobile application, dependent on NTI answers)
  • Ambassadors/people who would like to be audience
  • A screenplay budget (and a list of pricing options)
  • Overture example translated to mathematics
  • A finished contract

[As in deadline but I still have a deadly lot to do.] And mailinggg. But meoow 2 days until the article’s release? I hope I’ll succeed in scoring ambassadors in time? It would be veryyy satisfying…

And I’ve been asked to clean my room, because it’s such an awful sight.

I’m going to eat some and go to sleeep


04:31 (AM)

I’m too hyped to fall asleep. There are so many things I want to sayyy. But does professionality mean keeping word usage as limited as possible? It’s not my preference…

Looook at thisss:

February 2014 – April 2019

December 2013

Psychiatry has emotionally traumatized me, which causes me to be less outgoing.

I’m more myself now, though.

This is just a draft…

My last e-mail is easier to understand, when this article is finished. But is it too late to send something, when a lot of time has passed since the moment initiating it has passed¿

Meoww I don’t know, but I’m sending at least one thing todaay.

And I’m going back to trying to sleep xxx


13:21 (01:21 PM)

I woke up not so long ago… My bed is already transformed into my office again.

Hehe meoow

I don’t know what to eat for “breakfast”… And I don’t know if a mail sent on a Saturday will be received with annoyance¿ I’m just going to do it thoughh.

Look at me type all kinds of stuff about e-mailing and then referring everyone to my website, as if that is something common haha x_x . I’m so fangyyy.

Lil Fangs

Ever since that update, I somehow get an upload error, every time I insert an emoji 🙁


17:14 (05:14 PM)

My last email is sent. I’m now untwisting my afro’s twists, so that I can wash it and try out the products I bought yesterday 🙂 .

After that, the order of things that I “have to” do, is:

  1. Article
  2. Contract
  3. Updating websites (againnnnnnnn)