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Hooraaaaaaay, LilFangs.com exists one year today! β™₯

Sooo much has happened since the very spontaneous “in medias res” start of this blog! Visiting Paris and (multiple cities in) Suriname (again), escaping psychiatric surveillance by running away to the US, almost going homeless in the US so coming back and still escaping surveillance by working full-time in an office for the first time in my life, scoring my first “university” study points, the long and difficult search to find suitable Graeynissis for my business (and to befriend), of course, releasing many books and articles, and muuuuuch more πŸ™‚ .

I’m proud of myself to not have given up on my dream, though the returns I receive from this are far lower than the effort I put in. I had hoped to be much further by now.

Something classical, which happens every time I plan a release and do everything that has to be done for it (by) myself, is happening again: I will release my most recent Nosce Te Ipsum article today. But, unfortunately, as usual, it’s not finished yet. I “only” have way more than half of all chapters to add. Like on every release date day, I’ll be busy doing a lottt of release related things.

Regardless of my work pace, I am proud of the way I share my philosophy. The link between all of my separate publications, gets clearer, for the reader, every time I release something. It’s like solving a mystery. I hope you find it fun πŸ™‚ . Today, the crucial clue will be released! Coincidentally on my (meoww may I say “our”? :D) one-year anniversary!

I estimate the release to be at 6 PM. I hope it’s sooner, so that I can relax a little and lay in bed having mixed feelings from my prospect of celebrating one year of LilFangs.com by myself, becoming reality. To be very honest: that was not what I expected, when I started this blog.

Something else very coincidental about this, is that this anniversary is while I’m cold casing, which is very symbolic, since I started this blog in an attempt to make myself heard, struggling in the form of (individual rights and health care related) injustice I live through. (More than) a year ago, I mentioned that I really need to see dr. Crutzen – the first Graeyniss I have ever laid eyes on and the first person I met who is capable of understanding me and who I can get along with – to prove my case. I have tried many ways to reach him since I started this blog. My mother now doing this for me – because ever since I have been reported missing, childish things like this are logical to people for some reason – is my final resort, which has brought me some news, not yet the encounter she said is going to take place.

Not even to begin about possibly – though she denied it, confirmed it and then denied it again – having lived for 22 years, with the wrong last name, having been incorrectly taught to call a man who is not my father, my father.

It would make my life easy and make me eternally happy, if it makes sense that the reason why I hear dr. Crutzen through brain-to-brain communication is because he is my father, that he is kept away from me because of some disgusting legal and financial construction made by those who are attached to the shit I do for them [because I really do not understand the sudden intense distance, so this is the only thing that makes slight sense πŸ™ ], but that my plan to get to him is in accordance with his plan to get to me, and that we will live happily ever after, as two wild Graeynissis who want to become crazy influential, by running a business together. And that our other Cuddles and Graeynissis will accompany us on this journey.

Meoww I’m going to get myself a midnight snack and be writing xxx β™₯


14:48 (02:48 PM)

I’m going to lift myself out of bed. From my statistics, I see that this is more like talking to myself. Exactly today, I’ve had 0 (non-anonymous) website visitors. That’s unusual.

It’s very disheartening to be so extremely disliked by the general public. But to my actual endeavor, luckily, it is an asset.

I refuse to work together with those who negatively judge what I do, without understanding the essence of it. The recruitment process of D.O.C.I.S. International is constructed in such a way, that those individuals will be filtered out of the process and be offered an alternative that is not included in the Fangyist system. Because the Fangyist system can only be kept healthy, when the collective works hard to keep it healthy. Those who reject the philosophy and approach, are not trusted to do good in this system.

Meoww you’ll see my basic Fangyist functions and the explanations of its workings, very soon πŸ™‚ .

I’m thinking of going to the gym after being done with my articleΒΏ


19:35 (07:35 PM)

Meoow I’m still busy explaining Fangyist economics.

Why do I give this gold away for free and still have no one notice it x_x. I refuse to depend on social media networks.

I also did some cooking preparations in the meantime. I don’t think I’ll have time to go to the gym today πŸ™ πŸ™ .

Tomorrow, my diary exists one year haha… I was hoping to be out of this depressing “my family does not want me to be close with people the family doesn’t know, so I’m basically indirectly living in captivation” life I’m living.

Haha I’ve been continuously replaying everything I have experienced at the Executive Event in my head. It has been so long since I’ve experienced something positively memorable. Meoww there are still some things I want to say about this, but I want to finish my article firstt xxx.