14:17 (02:17 PM)

Goede middag 🙂 ♥

16 days have passed since the prospect of an encounter that could bring me justice regarding my brain-to-brain communication not being schizophrenia, has been confirmed with certainty. It unfortunately has still (in reality, I’ve been fighting for this for almost two years straight now) not taken place.

I’ll keep calling my posts “cold case” until it happens! (Like a mini-protest.) And I’ll pick up where I left off yesterday 🙂 . Meoww I should ask the people I’ve mentioned in my diary yesterday for permission to keep the article the way it is. (Wish I would have done that in person, but I didn’t have much inspiration in medias res.)

Meanwhile, I also need to think of a way to edit my business website (because it indirectly shows that I wasn’t in a good mood, the last time I updated it x_x) and think of a way to encourage (new) visitors to participate in my independent research project and become part of my future council.

I hope that soon, I’ll have plenty of reasons to maintain a normal sleeping schedule and go shopping for (not groceries, for once haha) more professional-meets-Lil-Fangs clothing (if you’d see my very long matchesfashion.com wish list of which I do not own anything x_x (yet? :D)) and get waxed and stuff.

Meoow I have so much Fangyism to propagate! 😀 And I have a little serious list of Graeynissis now, who – if we’d become a little squad of Graeyniss friends – could be writing history with me (in the context of changing the world by using D.O.C.I.S. International to use loopholes in the system to legally fully shift our global economy into something far more sustainable) 😀 .

What happened the last time I was starting to befriend someone way older than I – plenty of people I used to trust taking serious measures, not wanting that to happen – has made me a bit hesitant with approaching (other) potential Graeynissis to build a friendship with. But because of my aspirations and intelligence, it would really be so much better for me!

That, however, means that I’d have to reduce my formality, but because I’m female etc., my friendliness could be mistaken for a code for asking for sex and money, by eavesdroppers, again. I should ignore that fear and just be myself, though. Plus, if I’d really be myself, I’m an affectionate kissy friend, no matter what, if I really love you “as a friend”.

As a friend is in between parentheses, because I, in reality, only know one mode of love and that really includes (unaddressed) physical attraction no matter whattt. It’s noticeable without me saying it?

Meowss before I continue my story of yesterday about Thursday last week, I’m going to eat and shower, so I’ll be back in about an hour or so ( = around 16:00) xxx.


16:20 (04:20 PM)

Meow I just made myself this:

I also added some cabbage and four eggs, plus fresh thyme and parsley

I’m pro soft carrots, so they go in secondd

The rest is in the pan. It’s great 🙂

I still need to shower, though… I’m also thinking of going to the gym today 🙂 .

Plus I really want to finish the story I started to tell you yesterday, because:

At some point, after I greeted Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize, he told me that he already knows who I am. And that raised so many questions with me, plus not knowing if he has a positive or negative idea of me, plus I was so crazy hungry, that I responded in a quite crazy way: I changed the topic to the question I wanted to ask. I ended my question with “because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on the top floor, when it happens,” while showing him overstroomik.nl for my zip code. He said that that is quite a depressing thought, and I said “Yesss!” while my eyes expressed the exclamation marks behind my own depression. He said that he was going to look into it. (Why didn’t I say “Awesome, pleaseee let me know,” and give him my business card ah meoww x_x.)

At some point said that I would like to become a dictator when the waterworks give in, then said: “Just kidding! Haha maybe I’m not kidding,” and laughed in a very “”secretly” I’m fucking insane” manner. Before that, we also spoke of the type of business he leads, because I thought that it had been property of the state – because of the scale of the brand – but it is and always has been a family business.

He ended our conversation with “Tot ziens”. And I really wanted us to exchange business cards, but I couldn’t think of a motive. For some reason I thought that every (truly) influential person would know “the emergency policy” by heart. After all of that, I felt like hiding.

I had to express myself in my diary, but I didn’t think of how a misinterpretation of my words could lead to bad niss on the stock market et cetera.

I left because I am far too used to be by myself, am tired of selling myself as a leader and selling my business as THE future (because there’s so much theory behind it that I prefer it when someone reads about it first and then asks me questions based on that, instead of asking me to pitch) [which would still be the purpose of networking], and I’m always a little bit scared of not liking the food I’d be served, but I’d then still always say that I love it, while being afraid that my face would reveal my true emotions.

But meoow the day after, I suddenly thought of the motive: in my mind, I have an “exit strategy” for every business that has ties with the Netherlands, when this country floods, and I could have exchanged cards to later still discuss the way in which we could officially document that strategy, so that the organization (and high-profile individuals who are personally involved and interconnected with the enterprise), in reality, will be prepared for any emergency situation.

Meoow but now I still don’t know how he knows me x_x. Is it because I went missing? Is it because he receives my brain-to-brain communication signal? What other reason can there be? I jokingly asked if it was because I was a cashier. Haha it can be because I’m Lil Fangs? But that must mean that most of my visitors do not agree with my privacy policy x_x.

I feel like Assepoester now, because how the cuddlemeow could I still get his contact info? Meoow that “Tot ziens” will be real! He should become my Graeyniss and attend the Graeyniss event I want to organize 🙂 .

That is basically me wrapping up the story, because typing takes a lot of time and I want to go to the gym 🙂 xxx


18:38 (06:38 PM)

Meoww I have a picture to share:

What I’m wearing to the gym today 🙂 . I never unpacked my shiz from being in Berlin and Amsterdam from end November until the end of March.

Hehe I bought this fake Neuer shirt when I was in Alanya because I can’t buy a real one and Neuer is cute yay.

Just like Eric Rondolat, by the way. He has such a sexy accent 😮 .


20:17 (08:17 PM)

Meoww I’m back from my freestyle full-body work-out and will now be playing games on my Nintendo Switch until dinner is readyyy xxx


22:17 (10:17 PM)

I’m off to bedd (at this rather normal time of the day, for once hehe).

Tomorrow, I’ll be diving further into the bookkeeping application I was building, and hope that I’ll have enough inspiration to “complete” my business website. But things would be clearer and more attractive if I could use more videos instead of text, so it might be a waste of effort, adding more textual explanations to my website(s)… I should add the sample contract to it either way… Right¿ I’ll be contemplating about thatt.

Meoww good night ♥