14:31 (02:31 PM)

Heyy ♥

I’ve been called crazy plentyyy of times for sticking to my strong belief of not being weak-minded, but, on the contrary, having cognitive abilities far above average, and persevering my business case.

It might look as if I’m throwing punches in a void, but from one day – the day on which I’m reunited with my B – onwards, those who have wronged me and those who have been unfairly taking advantage of the system (to some people, both features apply), will be brought to justice, and D.O.C.I.S. International will roll out its “future” business structure, making it impossible to take advantage of the way things are organized on Earth, ever again.

Those who have a toxic “The world will never be improved to a fully peaceful place” mentality, which is the view of the majority of people (and one of the reasons why I’m stigmatized as a schizophrenic, for I will never be able to agree with a powerless statement like that), who can somehow settle for this severely pessimistic and extremely depressing view, will be figuratively slapped in the face with the absolute fact that positive change is absolutely possible, when D.O.C.I.S. is officially put into practice.

I can only put my strategy into practice, when my name has been cleared. If I’d do this now, people will still be confused by the extremely wrong, illegal and humiliating privacy scandal I have been a victim of in 2017. I, therefore, need to close my case, together with dr. Crutzen, first.

To seal this alteration, I’m making a set of contracts. I hope to finish them today, and that I won’t have to keep writing cold case diary posts for much longer.

I’ll give you an update on that later today (around 8 PM 🙂 ) xxx


16:02 (04:02 PM)

My goddd I make one supportive statement towards a politician, in a reply, and immediately this shit follows:

Haha can you believe that this man calls himself a prophet

Weak argumenation like this is one of the many reasons why the world is such a fucking dump.

I want to emigrate to my own fucking island and never come across fucking dumb people like this ever again. Oh my fucking tachycardia.


21:10 (09:10 PM)

It seems like I’ll be writing cold case posts until at least the mid May 🙁 . My B is too busy 🙁 . I wish could do some of his work for him, so that he is less busy and I will finally have a challenge that suits me 🙁 .

But cold casing for so much longer is so dreadful. I’ll have to make a curriculum vitae that doesn’t say that I’m a sole proprietor and that doesn’t say that I am Lil Fangs, because those features have been seen as a liability, not guaranteeing my full-time and long-term availability.

I will never give up on my mission, but unfortunately, I will have to donate a large amount of my time to a job that does not suit my cause. I will not financially last that long to keep my focus on only this, while I have so much to do to initiate change, still.

So therefore I will, unfortunately, (attempt to) start working full-time again and have a lot less time to work for the cause about which I’m so passionate 🙁 .

I’ll be being sad about all of this and hopefully reason out an efficient alternative 🙁 .