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Digitally earned money is not real money. It disrupts our system and therefore digital fraud is best solved with the death penalty. #FangyFacts #Fangyism

This is an indirect reference to Fangyist Economics & Initiating Change (+Keynes part 2 [the digression]) :)) .

With that, I do not mean kill everyone. It’s a statement about the balance between the amount of resources available, your earnings and what nature receives in return.


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16:22 (04:22 PM) 

So last night, I wanted to share a poll and ended up making a spontaneous group chat, with people I have never seen in real life (yet).

I’ve turned the chat into a never ending group chat lecture 🙂 .

I’m doing my book keeping at the same time. I’m almost done with the first quarter :).

Please, my Graeyniss: make a Twitter account 🙂 .

But you can still tune in whenever you want, of course :).

I’m just waiting until people who have an opinion about me, finally realize that my content actually has meaning, and that my haters are digging their own grave.

There are visitors at home, so I’ll be locking myself up at the top floor all day. It’s better than listening to the same anecdotes and being insulted for no reason :).

Omg meooow I soo hopeee that my B, my Vicje, Sander, Lorenzo and the Graeynissis I saw at the HBP Executive Event, will participate in my interactive lecture, too! And spice up my timeline :D.


18:31 (06:31 PM)

Are there maybe some people who have been keeping up with my content, who would like to be my lecturing assistants? 🙂

Please 🙂