01:10 (AM)

I’m happy to never feel aloneee


19:54 (07:54 PM)

I went to sleep around 6 AM x_x. Doing my bookkeeping is addictive 😮 . It was hard for me to quit adding new entries. Now I have all rough data for this quarter, I need for my tax report of the first quarter of this year, and I can make my own fun charts with :D.

Having your bookkeeping in this format is required to become an official partner of D.O.C.I.S. International (as an individual), because in that way we can make sure that we are financially in synch, and we can use it to determine the value of the Fangia (our own valuta) 🙂 .

Designing a special contract and “becoming a partner” programme for this, are on my to-do list, including writing that bezwaarschrift letter [I’m not going to pay a €369 fine for filing my tax report in 2016 too late, because I fucking filed ittt. There was just nothing to account for.]

Yesterday + last night were better than usual. I was quite high after the “power plant” I obtained after grocery shopping after going to the gym. I’ve cycled 1 hour in total for it.

Now I’m shopping for groceries avec my mother. We also went to the center of Rotterdam to pick up her “start number” for the marathon she’ll run tomorrow.

I like the intentional messiness of my hair


23:29 (11:29 PM)

The lamb biryani improv with veggies made was nicee

My grandmother helped by cutting the vegetables. She came for a visit 🙂 . Usually she only does that every Sunday.


23:32 (11:32 PM)

It’s accounting timeee.