17:26 (05:26 PM)

It was a lot of fun in the park with Shandery today 🙂 . I like how we have a similar attitude towards social situations :).

I’m going to cycle home now xxx.

I wonder if my mother has news for me yet? Regarding Dr. Crutzen. ¿


20:55 (08:55 PM)

I made myself something to eatt

It was all right, though I should have used different (less old, to begin with) wan tan


Adding ketjap is keyyy

Lil Fangs

I’m going to play basketball xxx


21:17 (09:17 PM)

Are these vintage now¿


22:59 (10:59 PM)

Lil Fangs

Meoow I’m going to attend the HBR Executive Event in Amsterdam, tomorrow. Now that my mother has told me she will send me another “Personal Donation”, otherwise I wouldn’t have attended haha… (Because I wouldn’t be able to.)

I’m excited 😀 . Though I must say that everything there will be a learning experience for me. As in that, for example, I know what Ahold is – without knowing of the existence of that business, I would have not known how to structure a holding (so soon) [I’m talking about the structure of D.O.C.I.S. International in my Business Overture. I was an observant Albert Heijn cashier haha], but – in comparison to what I notice people often expect from me – I’m not very acquainted with any knowledge on financial growth, personal biographies or other “marketed PR”. I always attend events with 0 expectations and then leave them more inspired than I entered them.

Now that I need to leave the house around 6 AM to be there on time, I’m going to skip out on the spontaneous laptop session I tasked myself with earlier.

And now I’m going to ease my mind, take a shower and go to sleep.