04:51 (AM)

Changing around my business website is going steady… I’m very proud of the hover effect I included, haha 😋 .

It’s hard for me to stop doing something, when it’s not finished [out of context, but this includes the way I go about sex, when I still have energy], so here I am, in the AM, still working on HTML and CSS files… I find watching daylight set in a very calming experience. Unfortunately, it’s always followed by regret, because I’m getting behind on sleep.

Haha every time I have plans of attending something I know will be memorable, I barely sleep. Though I’m occupying myself with this web makeover, I’m already thinking about tonight sooo much. I must say that I’m not very much up-to-date about the written publications of *title* Baudet (Sir? Mister? Doctor? Catje? 😻 ). I’m not good at being a fan – because I rarely am. But I absolutely love his campaigning approach, the way he lets Classics relive and the ways in which he encourages public debates. Not even to begin with his perfect speech! I really believe that he will become so extremely (much more) influential in the (near) future, so I consider witnessing tonight’s event genuinely historic.

When it comes to politics, I can never say “For 100%, I agree with this politician”, let alone saying that I support the entire party for 100% (especially with this quick rise, where a lot of people have been taken into confidence, not so certain if all party members have the same agenda). But I do really find… I’ll just say Catje :D… Catje Baudet his rhetoric the very best of this entire country. Maybe even the best in the world at this moment, as far as I know… Because I haven’t had those type of speaking and writing opportunities yet, otherwise I’d say that I’m that person… 😋

Now that I’ve been unemployed for quite a while, I’ve been considering to maybe do some things for Forum voor Democratie. My hesitation comes from my unexciting official qualifications that could make me the lackey of someone far down the party line. But who knows what tonight will offer! (Boiii if I could unravel the entire Fangyist system through his party, that would be awesome, haha…)

I must say that a gratis event in the city center of Rotterdam worries me. Though Facebook says that less than 200 people are attending [what the fuck?], it can be an incentive for a lot of people, to act reckless. Especially for opponents, of which I’m aware that there are a lot of them, here. It’s organized at a location where I’ve spent quite some (semi-)drunk nights, dancing my buns off. I’m going by myself, so I might, by means of paying homage to my old self, get a little loose. Just a little… To calm my nerves? It’s easier rhetorics with a loose tongue, in case I’d get a good opportunity to speak.

I’m a fan… An event about political discussion, lasting until (semi-)late at night, organized at a location where (my experience) mostly twerk party-ish events are held. How can one not absolutely love that?

Haha meoww it’s 06:30 AM now. The sky indicates that I’ll have to get very creative with finding suitable clothes to wear for tonight. (It’s grey… Because I’m going alone, I’ll probably wear all black, because it makes me feel disguised…) But meanwhile, I still haven’t slept yet, so I guess I’ll get to that first. Then slice some more of that prosciutto di parma I’ve become addicted to, read that one book review, and attempt to make my websites look more the way I want them to look, in case I meet anyone I can level with, who I’d want to introduce to this world of Fangyism… Ciao xxx


19:41 (07:41 PM)

I’m walking towards the metro station now… Almost at het perron. I hope I’ll be there before 8, because being late feels awkward.

I didn’t expect to be so tired after last night. Slept until like 17:30… So my websites are still very unfinished, but I still brought a stack of business cards along, just in case.

Meow it’s 19:49 and I’m at Gerdesiaweg now… I ate some left overs – met lange tanden – before leaving. Chances are high I’ll get very hungry before the night ends.

I’m very curious about what the event will be like 🙂 .


20:06 (08:06 PM)

Aiight I’m there 🙂 . The line to enter is still extremely long x_x. In the metro, I started reading Baudet’s review of Houellebecq’s book. This far, I really do not understand why there’s so much drama about this in the media? It’s very well written? I now want to read the book myself?

Lol I’m a bit lost for words, because I always feel a bit awkward standing by myself in a crowd, writing a blog post on my phone 😂 😂 . I’m going to continue reading the review…


21:42 (09:42 PM)

This is fun 🙂 . There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, as audience. I have a lot of things to ask and say, but I’ll sound crazy for sure…

I’ve told myself to come off less schizophrenic, and I would break my code, if I’d, again, begin about the waterworks and my climate stress that disregards the entire financial system… And that I think that there must be some way to, as the best way to dissolve the European deep-state, is to, when this party wins, say that all Dutch people should give up their seats in the European parliament. But that is far easier said than done…

21:59 (09:59 PM)
So the drinks for afterwards are at De Beurs, where, again, I have spent many drunk nights. Going to a bar by myself is something I’ve never done before… But I find myself in a very comfortable position. I’m standing in line to take a picture with the man himself 🙂 . I guess I should ask for official permission and otherwise deletion of the radical things I’ve been writing here? 😋

22:51 (10:51 PM)
Haha I feel like this crazy fangirl, but I’m very happy I’ve scored a picture. It’s however too bad that for everything I want to say, requires at least 5 full minutes, and everyone I want to talk to, everyone wants to talk to… Every time someone asks me what I write about, I say “A lot of things…”… I literally touch on all aspects of life, and do that mostly through the way I show the way I experience life and reason, in my diary. Ordinary life in through the eyes of the Fangs…

That’s my business card in his hand 🙂 . He gave it back 🙁 . How can I get a chance to really have an extensive word with those who I admire…?

I’ll change around my site and sell my old clothing and other stuff, to get some coins for marketing purposes. And if that housing project deal goes through, I could maybe still get there…