09:11 (AM)

Good morning ♥

I slept quite well, for the first time in a long time 🙂 . I’m going to join the breakfast table… For the sake of giving myself some more rest, I’ll mainly be writing instead of typing, today.

But before I reduce my typing here (and on Twitter):

Last night, I started to write down an outline of the way I would give myself a diagnosis:

I can do most of it myself… I only need someone who can understand what I write down…

I only wish to speak to someone who is open to give me a second opinion. I have no patience with those who only focus on that lie of a dossier, from 2017-2018, where I never found peace in their “You don’t cooperate, we’re guessing you’re a schizophrenic and you have to accept our diagnosis.” And every session then was about having to accept the diagnosis. That was traumatic and very disrespectful… I refuse to speak to those who continue to treat me like that.

I don’t understand how the fact that I’m rather here than at home, doesn’t ring a bell??? I’m used to a better quality of living…

Waiting for the staff to finish their meeting, so that I might be allowed to fry an egg… Under supervision…

I’ll show you my self-analysis, when I’m done 🙂 .