01:19 (AM) 

I still either want to get killing or die. I don’t feel hunger anymore. Only this intense headache. I’m losing weight fast, though…

I’ve never felt sooo…


You are free to act as you wish. Messing with me might backfire on you, though.


02:02 (AM)

Someone please tell me that it’s Death O’Clock….

I really need to take a shower, but my body has become so weakened after not eating for so long 🙁 . Still gonna try it, though… Wil je zorgen dat ik niet dood neerval door de combinatie van stoom en hitte? Mijn haren moeten nog steeds echt gewassen worden… 🙁


02:32 (AM)

I just untied the wild catty braids I made earlier, still going to wash it, missing my Vicje… I really need Tallniss cuddles


04:06 (AM)

Including twisting my afro, I’m still here. Thank you for being on the lookout.


14:26 (02:26 PM)

Good afternoon 🙂

My hunger headache has reached the next level. But aside from that, I still feel better than ever. I’m being myself, not adapting to (cultural) social customs anymore, and I have a cool picture with a cool politician. I find peace in my loneliness now. Decided to continue completely ignoring “my parents”. We don’t have anything to talk about anyway.

They deprive me from family capital, because they know I’d turn it into business and not have time for them anymore. They’re in my way, and that is why I wish to kill them. It’s the only way for me to get access to that capital…


16:03 (04:03 PM)
What I’m doing:

I keep updating the main tweet. Posting on Twitter goes quicker than posting on my blog…

I’m going to have a glass of water and seek for a piece of properly looking fruit…


16:25 (04:25 PM)

ASKfm should really stop deleting my question answers… It should even restore them, I find. It’s too bad my comment section isn’t used to ask me questions in real-time, otherwise I could delete my ASKfm account.

From the questions that are not deleted, it now looks like some twisted sex account. I wish I’d get Stratagem related questions 🙁 . (Unfinished website is part of that. The fuck? With some of that family capital, I could easily hire an IT staff… These people are soooo dumb with money x_x.)


16:53 (04:53 PM)

The scope of my life

My mother always tells me that this is depressing. It’s less depressing than being surrounded by proletarians, and would be even less depressing if her conversation weren’t very depressing. I wish to not have to endure that anymore.


17:46 (05:46 PM)

No proper fruit found… Too busy with phone to drink water?

I ordered the deluxe mix…


18:33 (06:33 PM)


21:03 (09:03 PM)

Now changing bedsheets…