This “article” has had many versions. Getting to freedom isn’t easy. I guess risking a lot of bad publicity again, is the only way. May 22nd is all I have to say. I’m keeping this a draft.

Insiders know:

So, wandering around is not a problem to me, but could I get some cuddles, some good food and a ____(5) massage?

[My book club + witnesses + NTI government members (partially)]
#1 Leland Wayne (S)
#2 Jacques Webster (P)
#3 Quavious Marshall (S)
#4 Benoît Crutzen (P)
#5 Kendrick Duckworth (P)
#6 Solaná Rowe (P)
#7 DeAnthony Carlos (S)
#8 Sir Robert Hall II (P)
#9 Cameron Thomaz (S)
#10 Sander Renes (P)
#11 Lorenzo Dal Maso (P)
#12 Scott Mescudi (S)
#13 Johnny McKinzie Jr. (S)
#14 Herbert Stevens IV (S)
#15 Isaiah McClain (S)
#16 Jorja Smith (S)
#17 Aubrey Graham (S)
#18 Jhene Chilombo (S)
#19 Erica Wright (S)
#20 Calvin Broadus Jr. (S)
#21 Marshall Mathers III (S)
#22 Christopher Smith Jr (S)
#23 Ricardo Valentine (S)
#24 Tyler Okonma (P)
#25 Sydney Bennett (S)
#26 Thebe Kgositsile (S)
#27 Christopher Ocean (S)
#28 Jahkoy Palmer (S)
#29 Rakim Mayers (S)
#30 Brandon Paak (S)
#31 Abel Tesfaye (S)
#32 Sean Anderson (S)
#33 Kanye West (S)
#34 Kai Wright (S)
#35 Tahj Chandler (S)
#36 Khalif/Aaquil Brown (S)
#37 Jermaine Cole (S)
#38 Sir Darryl Farris (S)
#40 Donald Trump (P/S)
#41 Vladimir Putin (P/S)
#42 Jayson Jenkins (S)
#43 Shayaa Abraham-Joseph (S)
#44 Louis Celestin (S)
#45 Tauheed Epps (S)
#46 Christopher Brown (P)
#47 Jill Scott (S)
#48 Beyonce (S)
#49 Vincent Staples (S)
#50 Jillian Banks (S)
#51 Joseph Adenuga (S)
#52 Olubowale Akintimehin (S)
#53 Tyrone Griffin (S)
#54 Micheal Stevenson (S)
#55 Donald Glover (S)
Barney Artist (S)
Snoh Aalegra (S)
Louis Mattrs (S)
Jordan Rakei (S)
Flatbush Zombies (S)
After The Smoke (S)
Quelle Chris (S)
Khalid (S)
Childish Gambino (S)
Dawn Richard (S)
De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (S)
Desiigner (S)
Disclosure (S)
Electric Wire Hustle (S)
Gene Fisher (S)
Gregory Porter (S)
J*DaVeY (S)
Jean Deaux (S)
José James (S)
Junglepussy (S)
Justin Timberlake (S)
Kirk Knight (S)
Kwamie Liv (S)
Kodak Black (S)
Lil Pump (S)
Lil Yachty (S)
Lil Uzi (S)
Omari (S)
Omar (S)
Post Malone (S)
Ravyn Lenae (S)
Roméo Elvis (S)
Roy Woods (S)
Thundercat (S)
Bryson Tiller (S)
Miloh Smith (S)
OG Maco (S)
Busta Rhymes (S)
Little Simz (S)

Please note: the list is based on intuitive guesswork. “Het Liée” will show whether my guesswork is right or not.

Not only those who want to lock me up, block me from the work I want to do. Those who market selling weapons as well. Flehs! You’re all a bunch of murderers! (Those who want to lock me up are fucking murderers, too! You know I’m suicidal as fuck!) We will win this case!!!

5 = a word you can pick yourself, that means “a lot of force”. My (back) muscles are abnormally tight…

Notes to self:
[Maak dit onderdeel van de “Online Heist” video: Lil Fangs for President [Non-insiders looking for drama: don’t make a scene out of this, because it’s way more innocent than it seems.]
The solution to unstable markets: Daniëlle Elia’s private online stock (Versax is the public version)]