20:58 (08:58 PM)

Hiii my cuddle

(I like using 3 I’s. For HiiiPower reasons. (Shoutout to my cuddle K-cuddle. “I see you”. Ahahahah. Oh and a lot of cuddles to my Cuddle Cat. I wish I was there with you… I thought I was the only one who had to deal with those “close friends” who say they’re your biggest supporters, but are the most unsupportive.))

I must give my mother some credit for trying to save the last bit of this family. I don’t think she would listen to me for relationship advice, especially not when I say: “Leave him. You’ll be much better off.”
He is the cause of all of this shit. (I used to call him “Baal” (and B “Yahweh”) before I had to adapt my mentality to flehs.

I just finished dinner, after a day of working out, braiding my hair, making a cover for my paperback edition of Nosce Te Ipsum, making the logo of LilFangs.com and working on the rest of the project.

Before I continue editing the images again (my cover turned out to be too small :(. I used the “natuurgetrouwe” size, but it should have been more “retina”), I’m “going to throw away the plastic bags”.


My mom let me drive her car. (When this was my father’s car, I wasn’t allowed to drive it anymore after some stupid “large van driver” hit me. I was standing front of a red light, in the dark blue Mazda 6 sedan my mother owned back then. It doesn’t say anything about my driving skills…) It “turned out” that the bags were too large for the opening of the container I had to throw them in. But it was nice speeding and listening to music for a minute.