To boost my efficiency, spending time more productively, I will not be writing diary posts anymore (at least as long as I’m working on the checklist I told you about in “Back Online :)”). There’s a hybrid version of online. (On a laptop it looks better than on a mobile phone 🙁 .) And has some more (“classic”) articles on it. (Most of them in progress…) There’s a lot more to come, still, though 🙂 .

Meanwhile I get tired quicker and quicker. There’s nothing else I enjoy in life, aside from working on ways to rule it differently and seeing that in practice. (Travelling, dancing, making music, eating good food, writing and good quality conversations I enjoy as well. But that all costs money and I attempt to earn with what I do. Plus I find my current perception of life very disturbing, thus I really need to change it.) So I basically have no other option but to continue working on my domains until they look the way I want them to look. And then hope I can bait some Graeynissis and overrule regimes with them… 😀

Today, it has been exactly a week since I attempted to grow closer to a Graeyniss (for whom I have caught feelings that do not want to go away haha please help me positively because my heart is so very vulnerable). I tell you more about the incident that happened in my attempt to befriend this handsome Graeyniss (as well as other topics), in this video:

After my post from yesterday, I have been offered to join the family to Egmond aan Zee for about a week and Curaçao for a week, which is great, because I was starting to miss hanging out with my sister in a holiday setting and I’m going crazy from living in the same city for so long. Two weeks away from here is too short 🙂 . (Though I feel a bit uncomfortable, because I don’t have new Summer clothing and I always spend everything on my websites, so I can’t buy new Summer clothing 😩 .)

I hope, the more my domains become finished, someone will hire me (it does not at all matter where you live 🙂 ), so that I finally have a real challenge in life. And with the compensation, I can better invest in my project and discover other parts of the world (together with some Graeynissis, I hope).

This blog is still the only place in the world where I can express myself truly freely, so even though I’m cutting down on regular diary posts, I still intend to post a diary status every day. And I love to see that you come here every day to read my feelings. It makes me feel heard ♥ .


I chose this Pixabay image as my featured image, because I describe my (fair) “tunnel vision” for success. The results I work towards are heavenly, which is why it suits the efficien-sea hehe 😀 .