“The usual way to live life” must change, one day.

No more unwanted routines. We’ll bounce back.

“School, work, dying” can’t be the purpose of life. I’ll prove it.

Developing a new standard. It’s more than just a dream.

With this political hack, we’ll change tracks.

The assemblance of a revolutionary team.

A form of leadership, combined with individual influence rights, in a way you’ve not yet seen.

Could we celebrate with cognac?

And create some peace of mind, for this eleutheromaniac.

The featured image is made by Kaniz Seikh, downloaded from Pexels.com

The pink water reminds me of Eleuthera's pink sand (not that I've been there (yet)). 
I always feel an embrace of freedom, when the water of the sea flows over my feet, as I walk further into it.