My first language is Dutch. “Ex Animo” translated to modern Dutch causes a miscommunication. The words literally translated, make up something else than the actual meaning of the two words. “Ex”: zonder (without) and “animo”: aanhang [that is without supporters]. 

But if you search the phrase in a dictionary, you find: “From the heart” or “sincerely”. 

You might be able to relate to the following: When I write some self-expression down for myself, I pay a lot less attention to my choice of words, than when I write it for publication. The idea of writing it for someone else to read, makes me want to put some extra attention into choosing words that make the reader, who empathizes with them, perceive what I describe in a way that makes clear the multiple layers of meaning in my words, along with a certain filter on the emotions behind the text. I don’t want my readers to continuously feel the emotions I feel, so usually my words either emphasize only one type of emotion or display the situation in an indirect manner. 

The Ex Animo category is a slight exception to the filter that safeguards emotions. Here, I do display all of my emotions directly. There is a lot less time correcting and changing my choice of words, because my Ex Animo writings come straight from my heart and soul. 

The word “ανηmos” is Cuddle for “out of the spirit”.