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Introduction, introduction, introduction. The first words of this book. My potential reader now thinks: “Will this be a fun read? Is this worth purchasing?”

Either way, it will most certainly provide some food for thought and new topics of conversation. I know that because I have written this. If you agree with me or not and if this is a fun read, you can only find out by entirely reading it yourself.

Did you see what I did there? “Heys” is a word from my self-developed dialect (called Cuddle). It means: “All words you use for a greeting and an introduction, in one.” A summarizing word. With that word and the first section of this chapter, I was trying to get your attention. Did that work out?

There have been so many authors publishing books in the past centuries, after all. And every book has its start/introduction and every author (in the end) wants to start off well, so there is a lot of creativity competition for me here. I do my best to strategically stand out. Did that work out?

Being an author is only a small component of what I do: I am a propagandist. A propagandist is someone who directly and/or indirectly encourages a large group of people to take a certain type of action.

I am the type of propagandist who wants you to make an independent decision. That is why, after: “Is this worth the purchase?” I didn’t write: “Of course this is worth the purchase! This is the best book ever!” (“Can be…” I would consider acceptable in that case.) Even though I am – so very much – convinced that it is.

Right now the type of action I’m encouraging you to take is to read this book – by using this persuasive writing technique.

Furthermore, I only want to hear opinions based on independent, fully self-formulated ideas. Please do not exactly recite what you have learnt or heard. This because I find that the world needs more creativity. Are you also tired of how everything looks the same?

Speaking of things that look the same: in this book I am going to continue propagating the clarification of myself and my propagandist objective.

With “clarification of myself” I mean further explain my – name is Dominique Daniëlle Elia – story about what happened in 2017, and why that happening has caused so much unnecessary distance between us.

“Thank you for sharing social media posts and searching for me outside, because you want to show that you care about me.” “Sorry about what happened in 2017.” Is that what you want to hear from me? (Is that why you ignore me?)

You couldn’t know that that message about me going missing should have never been and shouldn’t have been allowed to be spread in the first place. You didn’t know that I considered that message and people believing the content of that message, as treason.

And when you shared it, I didn’t know that I could be reported missing (in such a way).

Good-hearted you did the best you could do, and (probably) didn’t know that you were anticipating on a lie that should have never been spread. The reputational damage I suffered from this is almost irreparable and it has been propagated on such a crazy large scale. (But luckily I am a propagandist and I can spin this a little. (Referring to the spin from the propaganda/public relations term “spin doctor”, which means: “Showing the story from an opposite perspective.” (The Dutch word for spin is also the English word for “purr”, so the Dutch version of this book has an extra pun haha meow :[ .)) I really don’t want others to experience the hell I’ve been through and am still living in.)

If you really know me, you know that I have too much self-control to ever have a psychosis.

I’m so distressed from never having had the chance to tell my side of the story on the exact same scale. What an awful debut. I hope you don’t think that I want you to worry about me. Because that is more than true. It really is too bad that people do not share my writing in the same way.

Status-oriented I didn’t want the world to know about her depression and dysfunctional family, and I was too busy trying to escape reality.

In the end we love each other very much and it is very important that we openly support each other for all eternity. (That is, nonetheless, what I have been working towards all my life.)

We have a very special future together. Unless you think that I wanted to go missing for some 15 seconds of fame. If you (still) believe that I wanted to go missing to get some attention, you only have to read the following passage and after that you need to stay the hell out of my sight forever and never read anything of me again:

“No, you fucking idiot. I do not even want your attention. I was too busy trying to commit suicide, because ignorant fucks like you have fucked up the entire fucking universe and there are too many feebleminded demonic fucks like you on this earth to have some hope for improvement left. See you never.”

I don’t want “some attention. No “15 seconds of fame”. I WANT TO WRITE HISTORY!!!

I want to incentivize the good-hearted to cause the irreparable international destruction of the fraudulent nexus between the political, economic and justice system, which (further) fucked up the world, and that everything will be replaced by the Fangyist system: my doctrine.

I want to be the new Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, William the Silent, et cetera about whom the children of your children will learn in school.

Because I will give the en-ti-re GLOBE “a huge make-over”. (THAT is history.) And not because the entire world has seen my – by now permanently deleted – Facebook pages.

I, by the way, also find social media way overrated, with all of those so-called “funny” pictures and videos. Life outside the internet should be restored in value.

Something I have been denying my entire existence is that I am not ready to lead my revolution yet: there are a couple of emotions, memories and trauma’s I need to process first. A lot has happened in these 22 years that I’m alive.

I never wanted people to know that I’m dealing with emotional problems. For the status I want to obtain, a good reputation is required, so I have always tried my very best to hide my emotional problems (and not “psychical problems”, as was propagated in that viral lie about me). (That campaign has unnecessarily internationally destroyed my image.)

But after on May 27th 2019 again, against my request and without any juridical process, see the same agony of the prison of the Dutch health care system repeat itself, where people do not understand my intelligence at all (and capable to understand), I made an important strategic decision: I am going to seek help for my emotional problems.

I really have tried it there multiple times, too: to work out my self-analysis on a few pieces of paper and then ask if I can get psycho-analytical information and advice based on what I’ve structurally written down there. (I even have an entire blog about it.) But in that national psychiatric factory there is too much of a principal-agent problem: a long text takes so much time and effort and labeling someone (who is free-minded) as psychotic/schizophrenic is so much easier.

Meanwhile, I am glad that I have found the right psychoanalytic outside of that prison. (That happened yesterday [ = June 26th 2019].)

My dear reader, I want to be your multi-functional future leader so gladly that I find it so very important that you know – both good and bad sides of – me very well. If you accept me as your leader, I want you to know who you are accepting.

That is why I am sharing the further detailed self-analysis I will be discussing with my psychotherapist, with all of you, in this little booklet called FangCatje.





Symptom 1: Anger

Symptom 2: Fear

Symptom 3: Emotional Pain

Symptom 4: Severe disgust

Symptom 5: Nymphomania

FangCatje cover

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