Something happens. I say nothing. 

Immediately, or after walking away, I take my phone in a grappling position. I don’t let it go until I’ve satisfied the thought of letting him/her, who keeps up with me, know what just crossed my mind. I want to show you that I’m like you. And that we’ll be much better off together. 

Hoping that the aggregate of posts will show a path to success. Hoping that the first and the last post, will show you two different people. The last better than the first. 

The path was layed out. Defined throughout my posts. The seal wasn’t there. I didn’t get it. The circular maze I was stuck in didn’t seem to have a way out. 

The diary became themed: “I’m trying to get myself out of something and I’m still stuck in it. These are the details of my thoughts, actions and feelings, as I’m stuck in it. One day, my blog will show my success, boosting yours.” Like a broken record. Where’s my Seal of Freedom? I didn’t get it. 

Until I realized that the quantity is too large for a simple overview. And that I should use the time I use(d) to vent in my diary, to continue to study the depths of the system I wish to change. So dearly… I’m my own independent Graeyniss. 

But I need other independent Graeynissis. My diary won’t keep them here. Hopefully my non-scholarly research project will… It’s the reason why I need your blessings. 

In this maze – The Maze of Life – so discombobulated. That state won’t make you bet on me. I’ll use your books to show you your way out. Mag ik nu een Cishe?

There will be a new theme: “I have no degrees and I’m still dusting off the classics of all disciplines, and I’m using them to design a new way to shepherd life. School doesn’t teach you that. School teaches you how to reproduce. Join my Fangyism, and we’ll be free. I’ll make it fun.”

That’s the definition of the perspective the feelings in my diary are based on: the stifling feeling that comes with the idea of staying stuck in this type of government forever. That’s my maze. 

Hoping that some eyes made of money will dust me off. Showing you why you should. Hoping that you will… I have 100 strategies and 1000 reasons why. That’s the conclusion of the path. 

That’s my way out.