All of these words (except “un-cuddle”, “un-meow” and “flèh”) are never used in a negative context. 


Plural: Cishes

“Mag ik een Cishe?” (= “May I have a Cishe?”)

  1. [Noun] A kiss


Plural: Cuddles

“That’s so Cuddle!” “You’re my Cuddle.”

  1. [Noun] Someone you’re very passionate about
  2. [Noun] Someone you always cuddle
  3. [Noun] A citizen of the Royal capitol of Planet Fang
  4. [Noun (“Eigennaam”)] The Royal capitol of Planet Fang (only accessible by those who work for it)
  5. [Adjective] Pleasurable and/or enjoyable


Plural: Flehs

Pronounced as “flèh” (it can also be written in this way)

  1. [Noun] Someone who has deeprooted in your life, but you actually don’t like
  2. [Exclamatio] Expressing un-cuddleniss


Plural: Graeynissis

“I feel more comfortable around a Graeyniss.” “It’s so hot in here with all these Graeynissis.” “Haha aw,  that’s so Graeyniss.”

  1. [Noun] A scholar

Lake (lakes) =

Liée (Liées) =

Meow (plural: miaus)  =

Niss (Nissis) =

Planet Fang =

Un-cuddle (only @ nouns: un-cuddles)  =

Un-meow (only @ nouns: un-miaus)  =