Everyone shows Angelic behavior, but only a handful truly are.
I strive towards our Unification.
Demons in a human shell currently rule this world, with their policies of jealousy, hate and self-preservation.
We do not have to Obey them.
We can create a much better World.
Only when we Separate ourselves from them.
My Fangyist Soul, please be Loyal to me.

Time will Reveal the world’s Angels and demons.
We will have to act fast.
Quick and painless. Or with an honorary fight.
They have hurt us far too often.
We have done nothing to them.

This demonic dystopia will seize to exist.
Eternal peace, we will be the first to experience.

They say Project Nosce Te Ipsum is just a Poll.
My Fangyist Souls…

The featured image is made by Rakicevic Nenad