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Sorry for the delay, my dear. During the day I realized that I really had to test my presentation on that same day, because tonight I will be in Antwerp and having to make big changes on Thursday would be too late to implement new feedback comfortably.

“Test driveee”

So I spent my entire Monday (plus Sunday partly) crafting 58 PowerPoint slides, cooking, (partially) listing what points to make per slide and writing several different types of hand-outs (for both individual and group assignments).

At some point I decided that I should better wing it for now, having noted key statements for only the first 6 slides, because it was getting late and I really needed to try the presentation that day, to make use of the feedback.

So there I went. 🙂

It was already 12:35 AM, when my mother and I had our cups of tea, ready to walk through this. I was very glad that she was still awake.

From my side I noticed that I was lost for words often from wanting to make the statements that are in the written essay, but having forgotten how I formulated it. So I need to read my essay a time or two and reflect that to my presentation to make sure that I get my point across.

My mother said that the overall presentation was fun, but that I should explain the “formula” better. To make sure that my audience goes home uplifted and with the feeling that my presentation has added something to their lives. You know: “Wat heb ik eraan?”

The “formula” is about this:

I start with saying that by the end of the hour you have a clear answer to this question.

I agree with her. There was an entire section about personal mission in regard to “The Compass” I had left out, because of the time. And because of that, it was a lot less clear why I mentioned what I mentioned in the earlier parts of the presentation and how the question is answered at the end, by the things we have done in the meantime. So that is one of the things I’m going to change when I’m hotel chilling.

This test presentation took about 45 minutes. There were questions asked in the meantime, but the group assignments we could not do (because for that I need at least 4 people and we were with 2), so time-wise it seems like it’s going to be tight. Though at first I was trying to say as many words as possible per slide, it seems like I should better focus on keeping it short. But not too short…

I’m very happy we’ve done this now. Then I have today for little edits and Wednesday to try again. If I’ll try again again on Thursday I don’t know… Maybe I’ll spend that day only focusing on rest and relaxation.

For now I’m going to spend some time on rest and relaxation as well. Good night ♥


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Capelle aan den IJssel

Heyy ♥


I’m in the metro in Antwerp as I am writing this. I figured I might as well check out what public transportation is like here, since I might be doing that a lot from September 24th onwards.

Meanwhile I have visited the apartment.

I like the high ceilings and the classic-ish finishing touches 🙂

This place has no home office though and is next to a relatively busy road, but I could make myself at home here for sure.

The bedroom has a built-in closet which is ultra chill and the living space is large enough to get creative with 🙂

The bathroom is fine too though I would appreciate an unexposed boiler


Haha my pictures are really random because I was taking them mid-conversation by squeezing my HTC U11 every time entering a different space.

All these apartments are nice but deep down my heart desires a remote piece of land… For now I just need to get through these university years though. 🙂

Restaurant dinner? Not today 😀

This whole journey was quite rushed for I packed just a few minutes before leaving and I was just in time for my visitation by coincidence. I overslept so had dropped my mother off at work to take the car to Antwerp around 14:40.

I checked in at Arass Hotel at 15:30 – breaking some speed rules don’t try that at home – and then struggled with getting the car into the right garage for a while.

There were two garage entrances through the same gate and I saw that the hotel garage entrance required a special key, so decided to park in the other garage just to check in and take my suitcase to my room for a second.

So after checking in and dropping off my bag – plus quickly changing shirts because my adrenaline driving makes me sweaty ahahahahah – I had to drive that Volvo station out of the narrow garage backwards, hoping that no one would attempt to enter it in the meantime. When it comes to that, I was lucky that only one car arrived right after I just left my parking spot. I used my room key to get into the hotel garage – without any new scratches [note I have never scratched a car] 🙂 –  and there I’ll leave it probably until I go back home.

On my way back towards the hotel, I was in doubt whether or not to eat in a restaurant tonight. But my room has a little kitchen and Delhaize (shout out to ((pretty eyed)) Frans I hope you think I’m cool haha) is right across the road, so…

Lil kitchen

Lil groceries for dinner and breakfast. I also bought a bag for vegetables, saving plastic. 🙂

Lil fridge (just stacking as much as possible there. I like my things in one place (especially for a short stay))

My room is chill 🙂

*randomly appears* 😸

I’m going to take a nap, cook and spend the rest of the night chilling in my panties yay. The last time I were all alone like this was in Egmond. So I’ll be enjoying my alone time for now. And tinkering my presentation of course. Tomorrow is for city exploration. 🙂 See you later xxx


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Antwerp net niet Zurenborg

Simple Dinner Yays

My dinner was very nice. I don’t know what to do with my left-overs. Maybe I’ll be in the mood for a late night snack though. 😸

Usually I hold back when frying in butter. This has taught me to not hold back. 😻

This and that super tasty portabella I ate when I visited my first potential apartment. My picture is popular 😸

Mouse biteee I couldn’t wait for the picture. Haha it now shows that the mustard and mayonaise I bought (plus the garlic) were for my dressing 😸

In other random news:

First I was #1 of Curacao on ASKfm 😸

Now I’m #57 of Belgium 😸

Oh and meooow my dress will be delivered on Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM… I’ll leave the house around 2 PM so I really reallyyy hope it will be there on time. But I should look for a back-up dress, which is what I’ll do tomorrow between 11 and 3 because I have some hours to kill until my next two apartment visitations.

More randomness: it has been a very long time since someone I passed on the street has made me go 😻 . But woaah today when I walked outside Delhaize there was a super tall and muscular guy with brown hair, thick eyebrows and cheeks like Andreas Eriksen, which made me almost want to enter owl mode spinning my neck 180 degrees because damn… 😻 Haha hellooo Belgium. 😀 😻 Ahahahahahaha

More more randomness: I randomly got my period last Thursday. It’s random because last time was September 2018 or something. Usually it’s fucked up, but I was actually quite happy with it because it’s a confirmation dat de boel nog werkt enzo. (Harry Mulisch reference looooool.) It must be from stress relief. As long as it stays infrequent because other than that I still really don’t like that strange part of nature. 🙂

I say stress relief because I’m starting to see ways to get my concept, including myself with all that I can do, off the ground again, hoping coming Friday will get me good references. And meowww I should get a Wiki page online. Maybe I could do that on Thursday.

For now I’m going to clean the kitchen and see what’s next. Goood night in advance. ♥


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Antwerpen Borgerhout ¿