Heyy ♥

Currently, I’m having lunch at Esco*bar, while revising my text/essay.

Croque madame

Not really a place to work at, but I can find my concentration by blocking out all sound by playing music (paradox lol) haha… It’s a nice place for students, I think.

Before this, I checked out of the hotel after frying an egg, showering and doing the morning dishes. It was my intention to just find a dress at the first store I walk in to, but I see it has to be Christmas time to pull off something like that? Dresses were hard to find in general. It took longer than expected.

Zara dress

I tried this on at Zara. I figured if I find nothing better, I’ll go for this.

Across the road at Costes, I tried this

This would genuinely be cool if I were pregnant

I do that arm move because of the light haha

I was starting to get desperate. Thinking: “Should I combine this with a skirt?” But didn’t give up my search for a dress.

This is kind of cool but my shoulders are broad and I’ll get visibly sweaty in this

But WE had quite some nice options.

This one was also quite cool

I chose this one 🙂 I’ll wear a corset so it will look different ehehe

Meanwhile I’m on my way to my next apartment visitation. A bit late again. 🙁 It’s at 3, but according to maps I’ll be there at 8 minutes past. See you later x


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Okayy the apartment I just visited is more modern than the one I visited yesterday. Modern in the sense that it only operates on water and electricity. No gas. That’s a big plus, but it’s less spacious, though. Aside from a sitting/lounging area and a dinner table, I don’t think there’s space for a separate desk.

I didn’t take any pictures because it would be breaking privacy laws. The situation was a bit sad. The bedroom had a large mattress on the floor and an Ikea mat with roads on them, I also had when I was little.

Instead of a sitting area with a television there usually is in a living room, there was a large bed for 2 people there (and no television). The most shocking part of this for me was that the lady who answered the door is pregnant. That’s quite a life.

Now I’m on my way to my final visitation. This apartment is my favorite next to the apartment I wasn’t selected for. It’s a few minutes from the hotel. After this I’m going home. Meow I’m tired and I saw heavy traffic. 🙁


15:41 (03:41 PM)


The apartment was even chiller than I expected it to be. There were 5 more people present to look at it, when I was there. What I find chil is that it does not only have a supermarket below the modern complex: it also has a parking garage. 🙂 Not that I have my own car, but still… When it comes to that: it’s veryyy close to the central station and has very good sound isolation. Sound isolation is sooo important to me meoww I want thiss.

The one and only extra room that is the bedroom.

Bathroom inside bedroom. A bath 😀


And an extra toilet, which is chill if I ever have guests over. 🙂

There were too many people standing in the living room to make a picture of it. But this apartment in this modern buildings called Vista will hopefully be mine. That’s only possible if my father allows me to share a written overview of his last three months of salary. I hope I could do this before tomorrow ends. 🙂

After the visitation, I drove home right away. The visitation with the pregnant lady took less time than expected, so my time in between visitations I used to collect my luggage and car at the hotel (especially because reception closed at 17:30 and I might have had to sprint to not be stuck without access to car and luggage), then take the car to the apartment.

It took me more than 2 hours to get home, because traffic was crazy. Even the navigation system’s recalculation to avoid traffic still had me stuck in traffic. But I came home to this 😀 :

The excitement of a self-purchased gift

But first I had to go to my mother’s workplace because she prints my presentation hand-outs for me and there was some trouble with the formatting when she opened the second document.

Going to my mother’s workplace for printing reminds me of my high school days haha. ♥

That was fixed. 🙂 I have 60 hand-outs now. 🙂

Though now one hand-out has my serif font on it – this one – and the other hand-out (for keeping) is printed in Arial. 🙁 I find it a waste of paper to reprint everything in Bookman Old Style just for the font, but two different fonts is a bit disturbing.

At home I wanted to go to bed right away, but I couldn’t resist seeing the dress I bought. It’s… sparkly, I noticed. I didn’t see that online. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it for this occasion. The print is, however, still amazing. I wish it were just all cotton. But I want to be taken seriously… So I’m glad I have my back-up dress. Though still major yays for DHL’s fast delivery and Fashion Nova its unique assortiment. 🙂

The rest I’ll be checking tomorrow. Now I’m going to continue sleeping. I wanted to practice my presentation again tonight but I’m too tired. 🙁 So goood night ♥


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