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    Lil Fangs

    This topic is made for sharing the deepest thoughts you don’t share with others. is the best and safest place to share them! Please share your Graeyniss thoughts with me 😀 . I need Graeynissis 🙁 .

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    Meoww I’ve never shared my Graeyniss thoughts before! It feels like I’m taking down a wall, now that I’m going to share them… Graeyniss thoughts aren’t appreciated in today’s (social media) culture. [But then those people don’t want to be profiled as bigots, so they say that they do relate to how I reason, while their words and actions show that they actually have no clue and that they have a secret negative bias against the belief in change. ]

    I used to not feel safe sharing them anywhere, but I’m very happy I’ve found my place!

    I wonder if the cycle of life as we know it now, will be put on hold and replaced by something far better… I wonder if enough people will want to participate in an initiative like that…

    I also wonder if people can see me in their mind’s eyes… But please don’t call me a schizophrenic for that!

    Very awesome topic xxx

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      It’s an interesting time for Graeyniss… The increasing political turbulence and the financial system secretly destroying itself… I, too, think this out-of-the-box unification is what we need. But that won’t be easy…

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        Lil Fangs

        Luckily we have this forum, and this is be the tool needed to initiate that shift 😀 . I would love for us to start that unification here ♥. What’s after capitalism and democracies? 😋

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          Haha, there will be whatever new system we will have brought into life! 🙂

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      Lil Fangs

      You’re safe with me! ♥

      That change will happen, and we will be the pioneers causing it! All we need to do, is attract more Graeynissis to this forum… [But how to find them? 🙁 ]

      I wonder if people can see me in their mind’s eye, too, me who just wrote that! 😀 I also wonder if they can hear me reason, from afar! Meoww I wonder if they’ll use this forum and not give a fuck about what other people will say, too! 😀 Please tell me that I don’t need social media marketing… Or a degree! x_x


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