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      Social media has become a common platform for people to interact with each other, dating apps are now in the trend. You can speed date several people in a matter of swipes; it saves time and effort. Here are some steps you need to follow in case you are wondering how to create tinder like a app;
      · You should know your targeted audience and their requirements. It should fall up to their expectations. Keeping in mind the mass majority age, gender, location, sexuality, ethnicity, personality, interests, and beliefs.
      · Know your competition, their weakness is your strength, It is always helpful to have thorough information about the market place.
      · Your users are your topmost priority, which includes their wellbeing and safety as well.
      · Last but not least, monetization of the application to generate your revenue.
      Have you had any luck finding your desired other on a dating app?

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      Lil Fangs

      No, from experience I’ve concluded that for me personally it’s better to abstain from meeting new people online.

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      Kate Williams

      Any app needs a professional app developer. It does not matter wether you search for ios development services or android services. In any case, development company should have a good expertise and experience on the market.

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